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About Saby Charitable Foundation
26-04-2009 17:02 | General information

The Non- Commercial Organization Saby Charitable Foundation was established in 2002 having taken as a basis of its activities the statement of the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights that children are entitled to a special care and help.

Hence the main orientation of activities by the Foundation is as follows:
childrens health and their physical development;
spirituality and availability of education.

Having directed its activities to the most unprotected layers of society, the Saby Foundation is engaged in assisting orphaned children and those children, who were left without the care of their parents, and gifted children from socially unprotected families, and children suffering from serious diseases, and disabled persons as well, having extended boundaries of the primary purposes.

The Organization carries on its large-scale activities under the following developed and approved projects: Educational Project, Medical Project, Sport Health Achievements, Decent life for Disabled Persons, Youth Project, "Alem - The support program of young talents" governed by the targeting and transparency principles in compliance with a strict accountability to its benefactors and guardians.

The personnel of the Saby Foundation is small and team-oriented, who is dedicated to his work under the direction of its President Assel Imangaliyevna Tasmagambetova.

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