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Christie's Auction House
Views: 209 | 25-09-2008 | Grateful Letters

Dear Assel,

On behalf of the Christies Auction House we express our sincere gratitude for an excellent opportunity to take active participation in the Art Nomad project. The project has become a really significant event in cultural live of London and has gained rave reviews among all guests and employees of the Christies House.

An art exhibition has provided an opportunity to know more deeply modern art of Kazakhstan and assess worthily talents of Kazakhstan artists.

We are very glad that we have managed to help you in holding an excellent event aimed at collecting money for such a noble goal as assistance to disabled persons.

We hope that our joint project Art Nomad will become a solid basis for further friendly relations between the Saby Charitable Foundation and Christies. We are sure that Art Nomad project will be an example for further joint projects but also will become an inspiration for many other people.

Best regards,
Alexey Tizengauzen, International Director of Christies Department in Russia,
Sandra Nedvetskaya, Director of the Christies International Client Services Department


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