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Saby Charitable Foundation 2008
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For the accounting period the Saby Charitable Foundation performed considerable work in various directions of activity.

“Decent Life for Disabled Persons” Project

This social-cultural project is one of the most important projects of the Foundation. It was started in Spring 2008 and it was nominally divided into several stages. The final objective of the project was organization of a car fleet containing special transport vehicles for disabled persons, including children that used wheelchairs.

The project has started from the “Art Nomad” Exhibition organized in June 2008 in Almaty by the Saby Foundation jointly with the Art Exhibitions Management Office. The goal was not only to show foreign guests the pictorial art of Kazakhstan and but, first of all, to attract attention of the society to problems of disabled persons. The Exhibition was visited by Chairman of Christie’s Auction House – lord David Linley and works of Kazakh artists were estimated highly by independent experts. All those facts, together with the organizers’ enthusiasm have promoted realization of the next (basic and the most significant) project stage – Charitable Auction in London.

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