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Childrens Music School No 5 named after Mukan Tolebayev
Views: 209 | 29-12-2009 | Grateful Letters

State Public Enterprise
Childrens Music School No 5 named after Mukan Tolebayev
Education Department of Almaty City

54A, Abai Avenue, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
Tel.: 392-19-66; 392-19-67; 392-19-68

Attn.: A.I. Tasmagambetova
President of Saby Charitable Foundation

Dear Assel Imangaliyevna!

Let me express you my sincere appreciation and heartfelt thanks for your significant contribution to development and prosperity of the Childrens Music School No 5 named after M. Tulebayev.
Repair of the school: we do appreciate your understanding and invaluable help rendered in preparation for celebration of 50-year anniversary of the Childrens Music School.
Administration, pedagogic collective, pupils and their parents express you their appreciation and acknowledgement!
The school has not been repaired over a period of many years. Homely, light and warm atmosphere and conditions created with the help of your Fund promote development of creative environment, rise in pupils productive imagination and improvement of their aesthetic education.

Dear Assel Imangaliyevna!
We wish further prosperity and benefits to you and your Charitable Foundation which gives children gladness and hopefulness. We congratulate you on New Year 2010. We wish open life ways and happiness to you, your children and relatives. Let the New Year 2010 bring you new beneficial undertakings, success and good luck.

With deepest respect and gratitude,
Sh. Kh. Chaldayeva
Childrens Music School No 5

Saby Charitable Foundation 2009
Views: 1364 | 29-12-2009 | Annual reports

Despite a difficult economic situation and negative prognosis in the financial sphere, both in the world and in Kazakhstan, during the accounting year the Non- Commercial Organization Saby Charitable Foundation did not reduced but considerably increased the scope of its activity.
The work was performed in various directions within the framework of approved projects.

Sport Health Achievements Project

This project holds a most unique position in activities of the Foundation, and its purpose is to provide children from orphanages and boarding-schools with an opportunity to engage in sports activities in full because sport improves physical health and strengthens fortitude, self-discipline, and drives to achievement of set tasks. For the purpose of implementation of the programme, the Saby Foundation has developed a plan for construction of modern, technically equipped sports complexes for teenagers, various functional playgrounds for small children, as well as repair and reconstruction of existing sports facilities located in orphanages of Kazakhstan.

One of such objects, in particular, a gym hall of the Regional Orphanage No 1 (Baganashil), which was an old unexploited premise, has been reconstructed completely. Nowadays it is an excellent, high and light hall with special rubber covering and marking equipped with sports facilities and inventory for sport games.
On the analogy of the project, a capital repair has been performed in a gym hall of the boarding-school No 1 for orphan children of Kyzylorda city.

Kyzylorda boarding school No 1
Views: 204 | 07-12-2009 | Grateful Letters

Kyzylorda boarding school No 1
December 7, 2009 | Grateful Letters

Attn.: President of Saby Charitable Foundation
A.I. Tasmagambetova

Dear Assel Imangaliyevna!

Childrens and pedagogic collectives of the boarding-school No 1 for orphan children of Kyzylorda city express you and your collective their gratitude for systematically rendered assistance in improvement of living conditions of our foster-children.

Through your help we have built a playground with all conditions for holding qualitative physical exercises, basketball, volleyball and other outdoor games.

We thank your Foundation and wish you prosperity and success in provision of social support to orphan children.

Best regards,
G.B. Bekenov


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