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Charitable Campaign for Orphanage Kara-stek
Views: 962 | 24-06-2010 | Charitable Campaigns

Charitable Campaign for Orphanage Kara-stek We proceed to work with a sponsored child care center located in the Village of Karakastek, Zhambyl Region, Almaty Oblast.

Some friends of Saby Foundation, having volunteered to help little children, have specially arranged for a charitable campaign, due to which over KZT 800 thousand are collected. The total amount is transferred to the settlement account of the Orphanage.

The Service Invataxi begins to operate in Astana
Views: 895 | 17-06-2010 | Decent life for Disabled Persons

On the City Day, Saby Foundation has prepared a present to disabled persons living in Astana: four vehicles of Invataxi - two Volkswagen Transporter and two Volkswagen Caddy. The fifth motor vehicle a large bus Volkswagen rafter is currently being re-equipped at the manufacturing plant in Germany and will arrive later.

Report on Campaign Save the Childrens Life on May 23, 2010
Views: 952 | 10-06-2010 | Save the childrens life

Report on Campaign Save the Childrens Life on May 23, 2010 We proceed to publish reports prepared by the Foundation HOUSE on our joint unlimited SMS-Project Save the Childrens Life, under which every person may, through SMS messages, transfer a small payment to a special account accumulating funds intended for the treatment of the Kazakhstan children abroad.

On the Child Protection Day the Saby Charitable Foundation donated holiday national costumes to the Childrens Library named after S. Begalin
Views: 1073 | 09-06-2010 | Gifts of the Foundation

On the Child Protection Day the Saby Charitable Foundation donated holiday national costumes to the   Childrens Library named after S. Begalin Recently our sponsoring friends transferred Kazakh national holiday costumes for adults and children as well as musketeer costumes to the Foundation.

Kostanai Disabled Persons comments on the service Invataxi
Views: 313 | 07-06-2010 | Grateful Letters

Introduction of social taxi services gives disabled persons an opportunity to solve many of their problems. Drivers and loaders of social taxi render assistance in lifting wheelchairs in multistorey buildings and thereby they make our lives easier. We express our appreciation to all of these people, whose daily hard work brings us gladness and many pleasant moments. I like social taxi but I would like to have more trips, it would be much better to go not only to the leisure center but also to sport or to the cinema. Anyway, I do like social taxi and I say thank you to all people who care about disabled persons and make their live more interesting.
A.N. Bosykh
Member of the City Association of Disabled Persons

My name is E.V. Gudym. I like using special taxi for disabled persons. It is very helpful in solving our problems connected with trips through the city. I like new cars, they are very comfortable. Services are excellent.

I would like to express my gratitude to drivers and assistants of social taxi services for their attention and kind attitude.

I use very frequently social taxi services. Our trips in new cars have become more comfortable. I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to all people who give disabled persons a possibility to live life to the full, namely: Oleg Nikolayevich our driver, assistants, who help us when we go out, and, of course, Roza Tukeyevna our dispatcher.
Remain always polite, attentive and kind people!!!

My name is Anatoly Appolonovich Dergunov and I am a II-group invalid. I use frequently services of your Foundation, in particular, taxi services. Your employees respond quickly and, first of all, I would like to mention Sergey Aleksandrovich, he always holds out a hand and renders support. I express my appreciation to him.

My name is Vsevolod Vasilyevich and I am a I-group invalid. I use social taxi services and I feel concern, attention and kindness on the part of a driver S.A. Kirillov and an attendant loader S. Petrov.


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