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Saby Charitable Foundation 2010
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The end of the year is a traditional time for summing up the results we’ve achieved – the time to analyze the work we’ve done, to evaluate both our successful and failed projects.
On the threshold of New Year holidays the “Saby” Charitable Foundation is now making the detailed analysis of its annual activities. And we have done a lot this year: we have continued working on the Projects being preliminary accepted and approved including the new programs we have developed and started implementing this year.

The Project "Decent Life for Disabled Persons”

The project "Decent Life for Disabled Persons” is one of the most important Projects being arranged by our Foundation.

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New Year Gifts to our Little Patients
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New Year Gifts to our Little Patients Recently we had a children’s matinee at the “Shymbulak” Children's Tuberculosis Sanatorium where the Father Frost gave its numerous gifts to all – two hundred children, without exception.

This event was made possible thanks to numerous efforts of several young Almaty young girls – the great friends of "Saby", who came to us with an idea to congratulate those children from socially unprotected families on these coming New Year holidays.

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