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Ready for passing the Unified National Testing!
Views: 876 | 30-05-2011 | Educational project

Within a period of 6 consecutive month all the children from our orphanages have been improved their knowledge of exact sciences and humanities, having attended every lesson for passing the UNT being sponsored by Saby Foundation under its Educational Project. We are very glad to see the final results of these classes: the preliminary testing shows that some of the graduates may pretend to free Government Grants to enter the Higher Educational Institutions.

Announcement of Bekmambetovs Contest Semifinalists
Views: 856 | 27-05-2011 | Alem support of young talents

Announcement of Bekmambetovs Contest Semifinalists On May 25 in the 3D Arsenal Movie Theatre there was a Press-Conference held for the purposes of screening the results of the first stage of Bekmambetovs Contest; the Saby Charitable Foundation is the official partner thereof.

It is easy to HELP!
Views: 412 | 26-05-2011 | Terminal

Many of us, while watching TV or reading newspaper notes about the disadvantaged, miserable and seriously ill people, especially children, are sincerely ready to help them and to take part in their further life. But we all are very busy and sometimes have no time to go to the Bank or the Editors Office to convey charitable assistance to the needy. But, unfortunately, all our good intent are remained without being done.
Now we have a social service here in Kazakhstan which is available for all people living in our country who want to help orphaned children, ill persons and invalids.

To make a charitable payment you should find any QIWI Payment Terminal (payment terminals working within the Unified System of Instant Payments) and make your contribution for these purposes you need to click Other Services" then press "Charity", select the Foundation and pay.

But there is another problem to be solved. The problem connected with selecting the Foundation you can trust and which could transfer your money directly to the addressee?

Saby Charitable Foundation ( for 9 years of its working has provided assistance to more than 250 000 disadvantaged and serious ill people all over Kazakhstan:
210 000 seriously ill children and adults,
35 000 disabled people,
5 000 orphaned children.
More than 28 000 people each year and 76 people each day feel YOUR love and assistance.

Every tenge is important!

Performance of Alem participant on TV (video)
Views: 826 | 26-05-2011 | Alem support of young talents

Performance of Alem participant on TV (video)Dear Friends!
We are very glad to offer you to hear the records of the Alem Programme participant - Zhasulan Sadykovs performance at the Akims New Year Party in Astana and the Concert devoted to the International Womens Day in Almaty. These two events were broadcasted on all the national TV-channels in Kazakhstan. The unique talent of a young man from Kostanai has been judged on its merits by very experienced and high-professional vocalists and musicians. Such a progress of a young star on the horizon of kazakhstani stage became possible due to the real support and assistance given by the Saby Charitable Foundation under its Alem Programme.


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