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Congratulations on Constitution Day!
Views: 691 | 27-08-2011 | news

Congratulations on Constitution Day! Dear Friends!
The Citizens of Kazakhstan!

Please, accept our sincere congratulations on the Constitution Day of Kazakhstan!

This commemorative date is the day of creation of the Republic of Kazakhstan Constitution which became one of the most important document for making democratic laws to guarantee the citizens their fundamental rights and freedoms as well as to acknowledge Kazakhstan independence among other countries of the World.

We wish you success and prosperity!
Congratulations, dear fellow citizens!

Youth Project: The foundation has been laid
Views: 984 | 26-08-2011 | Youth Project

Youth Project: The foundation has been laid As we have already reported, in 2011 the Saby Foundation launched a pilot project Youth the purpose of which was to support single-minded and perspective young people from among the graduates of public social institutions. The main objective of the project was to help orphans, who had been pre-selected and enrolled in the number of participants, to acquire the roof over their heads. This year has become lucky for three girls and three young men - students of Zhastar Ui (House of Youth), Almaty.

Alem Programme 1 year!
Views: 930 | 23-08-2011 | Alem support of young talents

Alem Programme  1 year! The Saby Charitable Foundation celebrates a small but very significant event - a year has passed since the start of the Alem Programme the purpose of which is to support young talents, and we are summing up the first results:

During the year our committee has processed over 160 applications from candidates from more than 20 cities

No more stairs no more problems!
Views: 812 | 18-08-2011 | Decent life for Disabled Persons

No more stairs  no more problems! For a period of already past three years the Saby Charitable Foundation has been engaged in implementing the Project "Decent Life to Disabled People. A great scope of works has been performed under the Project: 50 units of specialized vehicles were bought for 16 cities in Kazakhstan to the total amount of more than USD 2 200 000 million. So, the people who have difficulties in their movement outdoors including those ones being confined to their wheelchairs - today can go out, run their own business and take part in the social life like we all do!

Wonderful Things are right beside you!
Views: 931 | 12-08-2011 | Alem support of young talents

Wonderful Things are right beside you! The first Exhibition by Roman Kuznetsov a young talented artist from Petropavlovsk comes to its end. The given Exhibition was organized by the Charitable Foundation "Saby" with the support of the Art Exhibition Directorate.

The results of the given Exhibition are amazing: the works of a young talented artist were of high interest with the Mass media, with positive response from the critics and professionals; moreover the visitors of the Exhibition have noted the unique style of painting of Roman Kuznetsov.


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