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Future prospect
Views: 847 | 30-09-2011 | Alem – support of young talents

Future prospect Participants of the “Alem” programme, young and talented vocalists Timur Aldybergenov and Zhassulan Sadykov have been attending English courses from the beginning of the school year thanks to the support of the “Saby” Foundation.

According to experts of the Foundation, fluency in the English language is as necessary in the modern show business as serious music education. Participants of the “Alem” programme, on whom we pin our great hopes, will be studying in a tutoring center for several months.

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Towards the knowledge
Views: 893 | 26-09-2011 | Educational project

Towards the knowledge Cooperation of the “Saby” Foundation with an educational center that trained senior pupils from our sponsored orphanages to the Unified National Testing during the last year will continue this year. Graduates, who had attended tutoring courses, showed a very good level of knowledge, and most of them entered the universities by state education grants. Such a result pleased everyone - teachers, our Foundation and, of course, the students themselves.

Management of our Foundation has assessed the positive experience and decided to continue cooperation with tutors. At the same time, children from orphanages of Almaty inspired by the success of elder friends have started visiting the courses.

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News of the Educational Project
Views: 929 | 21-09-2011 | Educational project

News of the Educational Project At the beginning of a new school year thousands of yesterday's graduates across the country crossed the threshold of secondary and higher education institutions. This year, within the framework of the Education Project, grants of the “Saby” Foundation for education were given to 34 children from orphanages and boarding schools from different parts of Kazakhstan, 8 of which were first-year students.

Children receive support of the Foundation relating to financing of education because of good progress at school, active social activities and, to a large extent, a choice of specialties that are in demand on the labor market.

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