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Young chess-players have received new inventory!
Views: 954 | 27-10-2011 | Alem support of young talents

Young chess-players have received new inventory! There was a time when our country was not only the most reading one in the world, but also the country having the highest number of chess-players. At that time this ancient game took a great place in the upbringing a culture of thinking. Chess increased discipline and developed concentration and memory. Today, unfortunately, we have less and less people who are keen on chess-playing. And all of them are mostly adult people of the old school. Unfortunately, chess is not so popular among children and youth. Of course, there are many other activities, games and arts which allow them to develop personal characteristics, but chess takes a special place.

The Youth House of Almaty
Views: 246 | 27-10-2011 | Grateful Letters

The Youth House of Almaty

Did you call Invataxi?
Views: 975 | 19-10-2011 | Decent life for Disabled Persons

Did you call Invataxi? 3 years have passed from the start of the project Decent life to disabled persons. And we, together with public organizations of disabled persons that have received invataxi vehicles from our Foundation, are proud to share the results.

At this date the Saby Foundation has purchased 50 vehicles, of which 9 cars are currently being re-equipment at the factory in Germany and, as they become available in Almaty they will be distributed in different regions of Kazakhstan.

Today, the Invataxi free social taxi service for people with disabilities is operating in 14 cities of our country. Each car is equipped with special hydraulic lifts, which makes it easier to carry out landing for wheelchair users. It is very important - now passengers, who have difficulties in movement, do not need to transfer from wheelchairs to car seats, and back.

Football field is ready!
Views: 455 | 14-10-2011 | Sport-Health-Achievement

Football field is ready! A football field, on the construction of which in the territory of the Almaty Youth House we wrote in early August, has started its functioning. The first match has been played, and children have already estimated professional cover artificial grass.

Due to a contour floodlighting located along the perimeter of the field children will be able to play football till late at night, because most of them study or work during daylight hours.

Football is favorite sport of the majority Zhastar participants, and a new field is a real gift to those children whose leisure time is inextricably linked with healthy lifestyle.

Ahead, children! The Saby Foundation wishes you new achievements in sports!


Kyzylorda region welcomes the Saby Foundation again
Views: 902 | 06-10-2011 | Alem support of young talents

Kyzylorda region welcomes the Saby Foundation again Continuing the search for young talents in rural areas of Kazakhstan the Saby Foundation has initiated a new business trip of a of the Alem programme for the support of young talents. The destination of the trip has become Kyzylorda region, where our Foundation has been operating for several years.

Meetings with pupils of several educational institutions were held in order to present the Alem programme. Two schools of the Aiteke bi village of Kazalinsky district, No 170 and No 249, have become the first in the list of visits. Children were looking forward to the meeting to demonstrate their talents and ask lots of questions regarding conditions of participation in the programme. Hospitable reception and warm fellowship with pupils were very impressing and left the warmest memories.


"Build your own business"

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