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Prospects for a Goal-Seeking Youth
Views: 741 | 28-03-2012 | Alem – support of young talents

Prospects for a Goal-Seeking Youth To build a brilliant sport career is a dream of any teenager who begins to practise any kind of sport. Shining medals, admiring looks of fellows and prosperity gained by hard work and self-sacrifice is the real life of a professional sportsman.

In our complicated lifetime period when there are almost no workshops and extra classes and parents cannot afford a moderate payment for such activities let alone purchase of sportswear, sports equipment and expenses on external competitions, for modern society the question of physical education of growing generation becomes more vital.

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Поздравляем с праздником Наурыз!
Views: 426 | 20-03-2012 | news

Поздравляем с праздником Наурыз! Дорогие друзья!
Коллектив Благотворительного Фонда «Саби» сердечно поздравляет вас со светлым праздником Наурыз, олицетворяющим собой пробуждение природы, её обновление и расцвет. Корни его уходят далеко в историю. День весеннего равноденствия и изобилия наполняет наши души теплом и светом, чистотой озаряет наши помыслы. Это праздник прощения и милосердия, надежды и доверия, добра и взаимопонимания. В этот день мы подводим итоги прошедшего года, строим планы на будущее. Люди верят, что пожелание, выраженное в день Наурыза, обязательно сбудется.

Пусть в каждом доме крепнут узы дружбы, взаимного уважения и понимания! Пусть каждому этот праздник несет счастье, процветание и радость! Искренне желаем вам крепкого здоровья, семейного благополучия и успехов!

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The Arrival of Long-Awaited Vehicles
Views: 1193 | 19-03-2012 | Decent life for Disabled Persons

The Arrival of Long-Awaited Vehicles Saby Charitable Foundation is hurrying to cheer you with a pleasant news: the Volkswagen purpose-built vehicles have arrived for the Almaty’s societies of disabled persons: Transporter minibus for Eldani Foundation, two Caddy passenger cars for Almaty City Society of Disabled Persons (ACSDP) and Crafter bus for Association of Disabled Children Parents (ADCP).

For Eldani and ADCP these vehicles were necessary more than air. The rehabilitation centers are in operation at these organizations, which assist the children and youth with difficulties in mental and physical development. Here the psychological recovery and adaptation measures are held with children, and previously many of them had to get here by public transport. And now they will be delivered and carried by the special motor vehicle designed to transport the disable people.

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Attention: Action Begins!
Views: 924 | 13-03-2012 | Alem – support of young talents

Attention: Action Begins! This year Saby Charity Foundation for the second time becomes a partner of the ASTANA International Action Film Festival which was inspired by the well-known director and producer Timur Bekmambetov.

The main difference from the last-year event is that besides the Script Contest the organizers introduced the additional contest of short films where apart from our compatriots, participants from the whole world will be able to take part.

All applications should be forwarded through the website of the Festival, where works will be examined by the competent panel of judges composed of maîtres of world cinema, and the best shorts will be determined by internet voting.

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Happy Women's Day!
Views: 393 | 07-03-2012 | news

Happy Women's Day!

Среди весенних первых дней
8 Марта всех дороже.
На всей земле, для всех людей
Весна и женщины похожи.
Успехов вам, здоровья вам
И счастья пожелаем,
И с первым праздником весны
Сердечно поздравляем!

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