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С праздником!
Views: 365 | 27-04-2012 | news

С праздником! Уважаемые друзья!

От всей души поздравляем вас с Днем единства народа Казахстана!
Этот день стал для нашей многонациональной страны, ставшей колыбелью дружбы народов, днем олицетворения сплоченности и согласия людей, днем обновления и устремленности.

Большая сила братских уз
В том, что живём мы дружно вместе.
Пусть укрепляют наш союз
Культура, языки и песни!

Ваш Благотворительный Фонд «Саби»

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Charity: Now and Here
Views: 1966 | 25-04-2012 | Terminal

Charity: Now and Here Numerous sociological studies show that the development of civil society is now in the stage when the material assistance to needy people becomes quite common not only for people with stable income, but also for those who have not been recently “seen” as philanthropists.

Someone just wants to help sick children and orphans, somebody cares about difficulties of disabled people and someone seeks to make easier the life of homeless animals...

However, the constant lack of free time and various formalities, required for the transfer of funds to charitable foundations or accounts of separate needy persons, give us little opportunity to realize our good intentions.

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Baygabylova Saulesh
Views: 390 | 23-04-2012 | Grateful Letters

Baygabylova Saulesh

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A Present for the Young Musician
Views: 771 | 18-04-2012 | Alem – support of young talents

A Present for the Young Musician Last autumn while being in a business trip in the framework of the Alem Young Talents Support Program, one of Saby Foundation’s employees met a family of 7-year-old Nurzat living in Ayteke Bi village of Kazalinsky district of Kyzylorda region.

Excellent vocal skills and inborn artistry turned the young musician into a district celebrity from early infanthood. No festival happens without his participation. His retired grandfather helps him to develop his talent.

Taking into account the boy’s great fancy for singing and classes of musical instruments, the Selection Board of Saby Foundation’s Alem Program decided to present him with the digital piano Yamaha Clavinova.

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Education Project News
Views: 420 | 12-04-2012 | Educational project

Education Project News One and a half months is left before the end of the school year and the preparation for the Unified National Testing in schools is well underway. With great responsibility for the upcoming certification the pupils from the sponsored orphanages, attending the UNT preparation courses from September, came up as well.

As in the past year, we have high expectations on these graduates. Successful testing will open them a way to prestigious Higher Educational Institutions in Almaty and will permit Saby Foundation to increase, thanks to savings, the admission of participants in the Educational Project 2012 which traditionally started on March 19.

We kindly remind all managers of sponsored child social institutions that the deadline for the submission of documents for obtaining Saby Foundation’s educational grants is April 19 and the applications forwarded after this date will not be considered.

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