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Staircase Is Not a Problem Any More
Views: 892 | 30-05-2012 | Decent life for Disabled Persons

Staircase Is Not a Problem Any More In the beginning of this year, the Associations of Disabled People of the nine cities of Kazakhstan, the participants of the Project Decent Life for Disabled People, have received a present from Saby Charitable Foundation the portable stair-climbing mechanisms to complete Invataxi transportation services. These units are used for the transportation of wheelchair-bound people, making their lives significantly easier, since they allow, with some effort, to lift up and down a wheelchair-bound person at the stairs in the buildings not equipped with elevators and ramps. This kind of 'stair rover does not require the equipping of stairs with special rails or other auxiliary joints.

Green Light for the Entrance to Higher Education Institutions
Views: 476 | 23-05-2012 | Educational project

Green Light for the Entrance to Higher Education Institutions Nine months of the preparation to the Unified National Testing in the municipal tutorial center, where in the frame of the Saby Foundation Education Project the fosterlings of our children houses built on their knowledge of school subjects, have been passed.

Control exams as well as the last years experience have showed that after having passed these courses, when entering higher education institutions, school leavers can count on the winning of education scholarships. We do hope that the tenacious long work on deepening of knowledge and sharpening of UNT techniques in the end will help the children to cope with the intension during examination and pass it, having done by this the first step in social adaptation.

And we, having crossed our fingers, can only wait for the results of our common efforts high scores in the republican testing. We wish good luck and success to future enrollees!

The Movie Script Contest: Semi-Finalists Have Been Announced
Views: 992 | 18-05-2012 | Alem support of young talents

The Movie Script Contest: Semi-Finalists Have Been Announced The first stage of the Movie Script Contest, held as a part of Timur Bekmambetovs Astana Action Movie Festival, has been completed.

The Selection Committee names the 22 scriptwriters who have passed the semi-final with their synopsises, there are 12 Kazakh and 10 foreign competitors among them. To continue the contention for a place in the final, the writers should present promptly the full versions of the screenplays, only 10 of which will be chosen (5 Kazakh and 5 foreign writers). We will know to whom Fortune will favor as early as June 1, 2012.

Saby Charity Foundation, acting as an official partner of the Contest, wishes everyone good luck!

Eldany Charity Foundation
Views: 452 | 17-05-2012 | Grateful Letters

Eldany Charity Foundation Eldany Charity Foundation

We are 10 years old!
Views: 804 | 14-05-2012 | news

A.I. Tasmagambetova
President of Saby Charitable Foundation

Every modern society has its own history of charities.

For instance, in England it began about 400 years ago and had deep roots and existing traditions. The culture of philanthropy in USA was formed more than a century ago. And it did not happen by chance. As we know, charitable organizations and people who participate in their activity are parts of spiritual structure of society. Easing sufferings of people who are in need and supporting them financially, they not only help deal with physical sufferings, but also help to negate such emotions as fear and anger, hate and indifference. It is those emotional settings that ultimately develop moral standards and lead to systematic degradation in the society, forming a vicious circle at the end of which there are more and more unhappy and desperate people. So the universal importance of love and compassion to your fellow human being, which is the basis of the any charitable organizations activity, helps achieve tangible results and actual success stories.


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