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International Recognition of Saby
Views: 975 | 27-06-2012 | Our awards

International Recognition of Saby The social and cultural campaign “Nomad’s Way”, organized this year in February by Saby Foundation, had a goal to introduce Kazakhstan to the world as a young country at the political arena, but with deep historical roots dating back to the ancientry. The cultural heritage of our country, Kazakh masters Zergers being an example of achievements, became a message for the West.

Certainly, this campaign drew attention to the Foundation as well: having carefully examined Saby fundraisers, several foreign organizations proposed to cooperate, that proves a positive evaluation of our activities at the international level.

In support to this fact the European Society for Quality Research – ESQR conferred Saby Foundation with the “International Diamond Prize for Customer Satisfaction 2012” at the award ceremony held in Rome, on June 23-24.

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Frost Which Gladdens Us in Summer
Views: 835 | 22-06-2012 | Medical Project

Frost Which Gladdens Us in Summer Are you familiar with the situation when in summer heat days, a refrigerator suddenly goes wrong and food products purchased in advance, quickly deteriorate and become uneatable?

The Republican State Enterprise based on Economic Jurisdiction of Semey State Medical University, which unified in its walls the adults and children’s regional hospitals, has faced such problem. The failed and unrepairable obsolete refrigeration equipment has become a threat with its disruptions to the functioning of the medical institution, since food poisoning, especially by children whose health is weakened even without that by diseases, may lead to very serious consequences.

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There are No Obstacles for Creativity
Views: 1119 | 19-06-2012 | Targeted assistance

There are No Obstacles for Creativity On Friday, June 15, the results of the Shynbergen Amanturlin Republic Contest of Folk Applied Arts Among Young People with Limited Capabilities, organized by Eldany Charitable Foundation, were summed up.

The commission was presented with crafts of clay, felt, paper, leather and beads, pictures performed in Batik technique, embroidery patterns and many other exhibits. The viewers were filled with admiration for the talent and zeal of the competitors.

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New House for the Child Care Center
Views: 922 | 14-06-2012 | “Orkendeu” Project

New House for the Child Care Center Dear Friends!

We express our cordial gratitude to all the philanthropists who shared their resources and donated money means for the realization of the Project for the erection of a new building for the Child Care Center in Kyzylorda town, under the direction of Saby Foundation.

It will be a double-level modern and comfortable construction with premises, furniture and processing facilities conforming to all construction regulations, with the area of over 1,700 square meters. The general layout includes an external infrastructure: children’s pavilions, household and technological constructions and green plantings.

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