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Children's poet about young authors
Views: 963 | 30-07-2012 | Alem support of young talents

Children's poet about young authors A member of the Search Committee of the Alem Young Talents Support Program, an expert of the poetical contest, a well-known poet, writer, publicist, secretary and chairman of Childhood Reading Council of the Kazakhstani Writers Alliance Sultan Kali answers the questions of Saby Charitable Foundation.

Are You Still In Doubt? Write Us!
Views: 915 | 25-07-2012 | Alem support of young talents

Are You Still In Doubt? Write Us! Recently the Alem Program celebrated its 2-year birthday since its launch. On the one hand, the period is very small for the large-scale project covered the whole country, on the other hand we can already see some intermediate results.

For the past period over 300 requests from 35 localities of the country have been sent to Saby Charitable Foundation. Employees of our organization thoroughly examine every resume making primary selection. Further destiny of the participants is at the mercy of the respected committee consisting of unconditional professionals and experts in different fields of science, culture, art, sport and other fields. We do not divide talents into necessary and not very necessary, every gifted child will obtain an experts evaluation and our Foundations support which he/she deserves.

The first letter was sent to in July, 2010 by Zhasulan Sydykov from Kostanai and, being the first, he received the most serious preferences. We made a lot of efforts for his development and, without mock modesty we can declare our joint results: the Alem Program participant has become a beginning star of the Kazakhstan show business and acquired a lot of young fans.

CF "Shapagat" and RC "Omir"
Views: 527 | 18-07-2012 | Grateful Letters

CF "Shapagat" and RC "Omir"CF "Shapagat" and RC "Omir"

Regions Are Waiting For New Sports Facilities
Views: 878 | 18-07-2012 | Sport-Health-Achievement

Regions Are Waiting For New Sports Facilities Summer is traditionally the time for the implementing of Saby Charitable Foundations Project Sport-Health-Achievement. This summer will be marked by the construction of four objects in childrens social institutions of Semey, Temirtau, Kyzylorda and Algi cities in Aktyubinsk region.

We will report about the construction of playing courts in the west of Kazakhstan later, for now we would like to share the progress of work on sports facilities installation in Semipalatinsk and Temirtau correctional boarding schools.

Over 120 fosterlings live and study in the boarding school of the metallurgists city. Young athletes take an active part in city, regional, republic and international contests for children with disabilities and regularly please their supporters with winning places. The sportsmens potential is also high but the lack of a simply equipped gym limits the children preventing them from training in full force.


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