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The Alem Program: A Second Chance
Views: 830 | 31-08-2012 | Alem – support of young talents

The Alem Program: A Second Chance CNT (Common National Testing) is the most spoken abbreviation of this summer arousing a bunch of emotions among enrollees. For someone it opened doors of universities to gain new knowledge while others were not so lucky with the testing. Some enrollees were not ready enough, others were just at a loss and could not overcome psychological stress.

It is a pity that because of one or two insufficient points 11 years of hard work and diligent study are in vain and the Government Scholarship remains to be a dream. In such cases the talented children need a second chance, moreover if they are rural schools leavers, the parents’ income of whose does not allow them to enter the university on a paid basis.

Saby Charitable Foundation with its Alem Young Talents Support Program was a kind of sheet anchor for the children who showed excellent results during the whole period of study but went a little wrong on the testing. The Foundation finances the education of talented boys and girls not restricting them in the choice of a university, hence converting their dreams into reality. Quality education of young people is one of priorities of the future development of Kazakhstan.

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Congratulations on Constitution Day!
Views: 396 | 29-08-2012 | news

Congratulations on Constitution Day! Dear the Citizens of Kazakhstan!

Please, accept our sincere congratulations on the Constitution Day of Kazakhstan!

This commemorative date is the day of creation of the Republic of Kazakhstan Constitution which became one of the most important document for making democratic laws to guarantee the citizens their fundamental rights and freedoms as well as to acknowledge Kazakhstan independence among other countries of the World.

We wish you success and prosperity!

Congratulations, dear fellow citizens!

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Boarding school of Semey
Views: 351 | 27-08-2012 | Grateful Letters

Boarding school of Semey

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Medical Center of Semey
Views: 359 | 24-08-2012 | Grateful Letters

Medical Center of Semey

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Go Ahead, Alga! Or New Possibilities
Views: 794 | 23-08-2012 | Sport-Health-Achievement

Go Ahead, Alga! Or New Possibilities Saby Charitable Foundation extends its activity far beyond Almaty – to all regions of Kazakhstan. Beneficiaries of Saby are both individuals and organizations. Among them there is Aktobe Regional Rehabilitation Center in Alga town. Children with mental retardation, infantile cerebral paralysis, musculoskeletal abnormalities, speech impediments, and those having difficulties in learning as a result of neuropsychiatric disorders are raised here.

It is important to note that about four hundred children have improved their health during three years of the Center’s activity and all those who took a treatment course have made notable improvements in physical and mental state as well as in social adaptation.

In order to provide necessary conditions for physical exercises and outdoor recreation of little patients, the Foundation decided to equip the children playground in the territory of the medical institution with the following facilities: swings, turnarounds, rocking chairs, tables and benches, a big jungle gym and a sand playground which are specially designed with account of specific needs of users.

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