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Saby Again in Temirtau
Views: 914 | 27-09-2012 | Sport-Health-Achievement

Saby Again in Temirtau Autumn is the season of harvesting and for Saby Charitable Foundation it is the time to sum up annual results of the sport project.

Temirtau city has been a so-called beneficiary of our Foundation for two years already: in 2010, Saby Charitable Foundation donated two Invataxi cars to a local society of disabled people. Today, Regional Boarding School #2 for children with limited capacity is happy to announce that the multipurpose sport ground, which became the third object built by our organization in 2012 and the twenty fifth object within the period of realization of the Sport-Health-Achievements Project, was put in commission in the territory of the institution.

The choice of this school was not accidental. For 45 years of the organization existence, by efforts of pedagogic staff with the direct participation of the government, it was adjusted to the system of correctional education which has all necessary conditions for the growth of personality of a child with special educational needs. The boarding school carries out active sport and health work and many pupils successfully participate in different regional, republican and international competitions where they achieve impressive results, repeatedly winning medal places.

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The Poetry Collection by Young Poets Published
Views: 829 | 21-09-2012 | Alem – support of young talents

The Poetry Collection by Young Poets Published Creative work always gives a great pleasure especially when you see the results of this work, moreover if you hold it in your arms, it gives you indescribable joy!

Today, we have a new, still smelling of printing ink, edition of the poetry collection of young poets who passed a serious selection as the best in the poetical contests held by Saby Charitable Foundation in 2011 and 2012. The book includes works of 13 young authors distinguished for their talent and original ideas by our expert in the field of literature, a poet, writer, publicist, secretary and the Chairman of Children’s Literature Board of the Kazakhstan Association of Writers Sultan Kalievich Kaliyev.

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Together We Will Help Arianna
Views: 905 | 18-09-2012 | Targeted assistance

A few days ago Saby Charitable Foundation was addressed to help a little girl from Almaty. From the letter we learnt a very sad story about a charming baby, born in a young family of the Tsarevs ten years ago, given also a beautiful name – Arianna. The girl grew healthy, clever and active to the joy of her parents. But when Arianna was 4 years old, during an outdoor recreation, she was bitten by a mite. The parents immediately brought her to the hospital but the encephalitogen, which appeared later, for some reason was not found at that moment.

Since then, the time for the Tsarevs was divided between before and after the fatal day. One more year had passed before the doctors made the final conclusion – encephalitis of enteroviral etiology. The girl’s relatives began facing numerous problems, they were more often told unknown medical terms meaning complications as a consequence of the untimely treatment of the infection. The girl’s health is getting worse and worse, every day she suffers, almost does not move, see and speak.

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Alem Participants: There Are Ones To Be Proud Of
Views: 898 | 13-09-2012 | Alem – support of young talents

Alem Participants: There Are Ones To Be Proud Of We continue to introduce to readers our Alem participants who have achieved impressive results in their fields despite their young age.

We would like to introduce to you a beginning but we are sure that a very perspective producer, about whom the world cinematography will talk in future. Medet Shayakhmetov, a second-year student of the Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T. Zhurgenov, is like a ‘one-man band’ inspiring all around with his energy and optimism. He proves the proverb about the fact that ‘a gifted person is good at everything’. Medet is a diploma winner of inexhaustible quantity of city, republican and international vocal competitions; he goes in for skateboard and beatbox, he is the author of many designer works in the style of graffito, he makes motion graphic art, earns money making promo videos and video clips. But the young man dedicated his life to the profession of cross-cutting filmmaking, the education by which is paid by Saby Charitable Foundation currently, and, telling in confidence, the Foundation considers a question about the continuation of his education abroad.

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