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Montessori Center Will Be Organized in Kyzylorda
Views: 944 | 25-10-2012 | Orkendeu Project

Montessori Center Will Be Organized in Kyzylorda The educational system in our country has undergone multiple transformations over the past few years. It is hard to say firmly whether these transformations are for the better, disputes on this subject have not stopped yet. We have got the methods and schemes approved a long time ago in the West. Some of them have not taken roots meanwhile others have found their place. Among recent ones, there is the widely used nowadays and undoubtedly effective method for children training of Maria Montessori, an Italian pedagogue, scientist and philosopher of the first half of the 20th century.

This system is based on an individual approach: a child always by himself chooses didactic materials and duration of trainings developing according to his/her own rhythm and direction. Montessoris pedagogics is focused on needs, capacities and talents of every child in particular. No comparisons and gauging by existing general standards are applicable. Children study freely and willingly instead, without external influence and criticism. The independence is fortified by tasks from real life, i.e. with those which can be directly implemented in everyday practice. Montessoris materials are not toys but real adult subjects reduced in scale. The method via imitation teaches seemingly simple but important actions such as how to dress, wash, lay the table, make crafts, do creative work, etc.

Nomads Way
Views: 1446 | 22-10-2012 | Alem support of young talents

Nomads Way Ernest Hemingway said: The person subduing his spirit is stronger the one conquering cities.

How hard it was not to tell, not to divulge to the whole world about the event which by its scale has all reasons to become a 2012 event and even not Kazakhstan but Kazakhstan-American. But the founder and president of Saby Charitable Foundation Aselle Tasmagambetova always makes a continuous pause between a fact occurred and its lighting, in order to confidently tell about them after having been reassured by results.

The effect from the social and cultural campaign Nomads Way, which took place from February 13 to February 17, 2012 in New York and whose ideological father, organizer and sponsor was Saby Foundation, is already clear and we can proudly tell about it.

Nomads Way

During triumphal 2012 Olympic Games, the World Wide Web burst with numerous search requests for the word Kazakhstan. The West knows little about our country associating it, first of all, with a vast territory, oil and gas. But besides mineral resources and virgin corners of wild nature, we have other things to present to the world. Our country is unique. It is young, being independent for only 20 years but, at the same time, the art of Kazakh ancestors has a deep history. Not every modern person from Kazakhstan knows this part of national ethnos, let alone overseas connoisseurs.

Saby Foundation set a goal to present to the world a rich historic heritage and uniqueness of Kazakhstan, to show the possibility of successful integration of the East and West by the example of our country, where paths of many civilizations, which made possible the cultural cross-fertilization of peoples and nations, mingled in complex interlacement.

A Generous Man Will Prosper
Views: 855 | 18-10-2012 | Terminal

A Generous Man Will Prosper Year by year, the field of activity of Saby Charitable Foundation increases, the projects aimed to improve social level become more ambitious. But no matter how grand our plans are, their realization will be possible only with the participation of not indifferent people.

We sincerely thank all philanthropes, companies and individuals who chose Saby Foundation among other foundations and entrusted their money, having highly estimated our labor by that! Your hearts are full of kindness and care, and despite a fast pace of life and daily routine, you give a part of yourselves to those who really need it.

In our world time shortage is a great problem. In some way it is compensated by immediate services. Now, you can make charity donations as easily and immediately as pay for mobile services. In any trade house, shop, petrol station or even at a bus stop you can find a QIWI payment terminal where through Donation interface you can transfer money to Saby Foundations account just by pressing the yellow amulet button.

Alem Participant: A Hero of Social Medium Program (video)
Views: 820 | 12-10-2012 | Alem support of young talents

Alem Participant: A Hero of Social Medium Program (video) On October 5, during the whole day, the twenty-four-hour news channel 24 KZ broadcasted, in the frame of daily five-minute program, in the Social Medium program, which is a project of the creative group of Aport Television Company, the video clip about Saby Charitable Foundation.

The hero was our Alem participant Medet Shayakhmetov, who in his interview told about the Foundation, himself and our joint plans for the future in the framework of the Alem Program.


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