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Montessori Center Will Be Organized in Kyzylorda
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Montessori Center Will Be Organized in Kyzylorda The educational system in our country has undergone multiple transformations over the past few years. It is hard to say firmly whether these transformations are for the better, disputes on this subject have not stopped yet. We have got the methods and schemes approved a long time ago in the West. Some of them have not taken roots meanwhile others have found their place. Among recent ones, there is the widely used nowadays and undoubtedly effective method for children training of Maria Montessori, an Italian pedagogue, scientist and philosopher of the first half of the 20th century.

This system is based on an individual approach: a child always by himself chooses didactic materials and duration of trainings developing according to his/her own rhythm and direction. Montessori’s pedagogics is focused on needs, capacities and talents of every child in particular. No comparisons and gauging by existing general standards are applicable. Children study freely and willingly instead, without external influence and criticism. The independence is fortified by tasks from real life, i.e. with those which can be directly implemented in everyday practice. Montessori’s materials are not toys but real ‘adult’ subjects reduced in scale. The method via imitation teaches seemingly simple but important actions such as how to dress, wash, lay the table, make crafts, do creative work, etc.

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