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Somebody Thanks You – Day Spent Not in Vain!
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Somebody Thanks You – Day Spent Not in Vain! Population of our multinational country celebrates all kinds of holidays with great relish. Besides state and religious holidays Kazakhstan people like to celebrate different thematic holidays such as Saint Valentine’s Day, Halloween or Thanksgiving Day. The last one people started to celebrate three years ago in all educational institutions including orphanages and boarding schools, where orphaned children and children, left without parental care, express their gratitude to people, who help them to establish in their lives: tutors, volunteers, philanthropists and all who takes part in children’s destiny.

There were many guests in our affiliated boarding school No. 1 of Almaty city on the 29th of November. Foster children of the institution prepared in honor of Thanksgiving Day a performance for adults, exhibited their creations and treated guests with different delicate dishes. The main aim of these warm-hearted meetings is the ethic and mental development of children, upbringing of self consciousness and a sense of duty, development of creative and working skills. Such happy almost family events allow children to feel love and concern.

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