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New Building Construction and Territory Equipment for
Child Care Center State Institution of Kyzylorda city

Saby Charitable Foundation
Almaty, 2012

Kyzylorda city. Hard weather conditions, ecological disaster zone of Aral Sea, constant water deficiency and, as a consequence, low level of life and health of local population, especially children, induced the Foundation to direct special attention to this region.

Child Care Center, situated in the regional center at the address: 84, Baiseitov street, is one of the most dangerous social institutions of the city in technical condition. This building is a frame house built in 1956, which is unsafe and old. Walls, patched with clay, are thoroughly whitened by workers of the institution, but this does not save from regular leakages and fragmentary breakdowns. Numerously painted window frames cracked and do not protect against winter cold and summer heat. There is no any heating; the process of heating is carried out by a ramshackle boiler house by means of rusty and rotten tubes. Small children live in such difficult conditions; they start here their life full of hardships without any support of parents and relatives.

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