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Welcoming remarks by the President of the "Saby" Foundation
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Welcoming remarks by the President of the "Saby" Foundation Aselle Tasmagambetova
President of Saby Foundation

This year our foundation celebrates its 10th anniversary. This is the important border and time for summarizing. When summarizing all executed work in several pages of the report I understand how seriously Saby Foundation has developed, having transformed from an idea into the significant institution with great projects, say the least of it, having social significance in our country.

Unfortunately, during the years of transformations the word “charity” has been discredited itself to a greater degree and now sounds trivially and pompously. Analyzing our activity for the first decade I note with satisfaction that we never departed from the main meaning – creation of benefit.

The keynote, if it can be said so, or motto of Saby Foundation is one wise person’s idea that charity does not bear noise and ovations, otherwise all acts of kindness and inward strivings lose their value and meaning. Non publicity and non announcement of our activity is explained by this fact.

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Saby Charitable Foundation 2012
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2012 has been a significant year for Saby Foundation. We celebrated the 10th anniversary of our organization. We organized a large-scale social and cultural campaign called Nomad’s Way in New-York which included a charity auction and an exhibition. We issued a book of poems composed by young Kazakh poets in the national language. The number of sports venues erected by the Foundation in children’s social institutions reached 26. The number of specialized “invataxi” vehicles donated to societies of the disabled people of Kazakhstan reached 52; they were given to 16 towns of the country. The total amount of donations collected through an SMS donation campaign called “Save the Children’s Life” exceeded US$ 2,570,000 at the end of the year; help was rendered to 374 children. The number of young people who have finished or are still studying in higher and vocational educational institutions at the expense of the Foundation is more than 70.

27 young talented people from throughout the country were awarded Saby grants in different nominations. Construction of a new modern orphanage in Kyzylorda fully equipped for comfortable living of children continued. Help was rendered to two public health organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan within the framework of the medical project.

Before the New Year we traditionally present a report on activities of the Foundation in all approved project continuing to thank all our friends, partners, philanthropists without whose invaluable help we wouldn’t have reached such significant results.

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