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Useful Gift for Boarding School
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Useful Gift for Boarding School Recently foster children of Boarding School #1 of Almaty city, who attend carpenter hobby group, were gifted by our Foundation with perforating machine, disc electric saw, rubbing machine, jigsaw and spare parts. These work tools became additional to already purchased before New Year two kits of carpenter tools.

We decided to give boys an opportunity to vary their kinds of activity. Indeed, the skill to manage with house tools handily will help future men to develop their own independent living conditions, these skills could not have come at a better time when search for a job. Perhaps, some boys will choose the profession of furniture maker, carpenter or a woodworker. Meanwhile young masters try to make boot shelves for the whole boarding school.

Early labor training is the important part of socialization and adaptation into society for graduates of boarding schools. That is why Saby Foundation tries to reply only to such requests of the management of institutions and present only ‘useful’ gifts.

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