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Give Life To Children!
Views: 775 | 27-02-2013 | Save the children’s life

Give Life To Children! Fund raising for foreign treatment of Kazakhstan children, who suffer from diseases which are untreatable in Kazakhstan, continues.

‘Give Life To Children’ joint campaign of DOM Foundation and Saby Foundation was started in 2007 and is not limited in time.

During this period by means of SMS 2,642,616 USD have been raised, 376 children have secured assistance.

From year to year the situation in the sphere of health care in our country works out for the best. Issuance of state quotas has become more effective and transparent. Many diseases, which formerly required applying for foreign clinics, now, are successfully treated in our country.

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2d Stage of Professional Testing, 2012-2013
Views: 850 | 21-02-2013 | Educational project

2d Stage of Professional Testing, 2012-2013 The second stage of professional testing, organized by our Foundation twice a year every academical year, ended. The testing is held for foster children of Almaty boarding schools, for pupils of 9 and 11 forms. 70 people, who took part the February stage, waited for it with a great impatience. We asked children to share their impressions.

Rakhmet Nurken from Boarding School No. 1 said the following: ‘I replied the questions of the Proforientator Program with pleasure, because they are not repeated, but become more various and interesting and make you think of a chosen profession once more. According to the results of the professional testing it is turned out that I have more inclinations to technical professions and I absolutely agree with this. In spring I will graduate school and now I know what profession I will chose, I will enter Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications to the specialty of Wireman’.

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conversation of a rich man with the Prophet about charity
Views: 787 | 18-02-2013 | Wisdom of the Great

conversation of a rich man with the Prophet about charity Gibran Kahlil Gibran (1883-1931) – a famous Lebanese-American philosopher, artist, poet and writer of the XX century. He was born in Bsharri, wherefrom he, at the age of 12, with his mother and sisters immigrated to the USA.

The Prophet (1923), the book famed Kahlil Gibran, was the peak of the poet’s philosophy and was translated to more than 100 languages.

Introduce our readers the extract from this great work – conversation of a rich man with the Prophet about charity:

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Invataxi Car Fleet Has Increased Up To 62 Cars
Views: 881 | 13-02-2013 | Decent life for Disabled Persons

Invataxi Car Fleet Has Increased Up To 62 Cars This year the Decent Life for Disabled People Project celebrates its 5 year anniversary. The system of free transport services for people of 1 and 2 disability groups with musculoskeletal problems works well and gives benefit to society. The lists of categories of the citizens, who can use Invataxi services, are established in city departments of employment and social programs. On the basis of social institutions, where special car fleets are located, dispatching services work and accept requests for transportations. Disabled people can go for study and work, visit medical institutions, cultural and sport events.

The indicator of the wide development of Invataxi is Internet. You can type in any searching web site this word and see the hundreds of references to the articles about realization of this project, work of transport services and fates of passengers. More than 100,000 of transportations were fulfilled during 2012.

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