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Medet has become a student of the New York Film Academy!
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Medet has become a student of the New York Film Academy! Almost one month has passed since Medet Shayakhmetov, a participant of the Alem program and a winner of the international grant of Saby Charitable Foundation, joined the future generation of film directors in the most innovative and dynamic center of film science – the New York Film Academy which is distinguished by the internationality of its students and the highly professional teaching staff.

From the first days Medet has plunged into the subject “Film director” gaining invaluable experience in film production not only at lectures but also at practical lessons. He works with a 16 mm camera, prepares mise en scene projects, writes script drafts and makes photoscripts. In workshops of the school students are given an opportunity to develop their creative abilities as best as they can and become film directors of their own little films. But it is equally important to obtain comprehensive experience of work on the filming ground in the team acting let us say as a cameraman or an assistant.

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