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Abais Word
Views: 1305 | 26-03-2013 | Wisdom of the Great

Abais Word   Abai Qunanbayev (1845-1904) was a great Kazakh enlightener, poet, classic and composer.

Abai played a great part in creation of literary Kazakh language and left uneclipsed, artistic heritage.

In The Book of Words the philosopher ponds over about a human being and humanity, about difficult contradictory world, about science and education, customs, traditions and history of his nation.

We publish here some extracts from this work. Even nowadays Abais words sound acutely and modernly.

Our Congratulations with Nauryz, Dear Citizens of Kazakhstan!
Views: 428 | 20-03-2013 | news

Our Congratulations with Nauryz, Dear Citizens of Kazakhstan!

Finally the long-expected spring came! Every day nature is awakening little by little. At this magic time even the air rings specifically excitedly, sun shines and landscapes, becoming green, gladden and present us the inexpressible spring feeling.

Notwithstanding the nationality, absolutely all people celebrate Nauryz in Kazakhstan. On this day people like to congratulate each other, to make visits, to lay dastarkhan table with national dishes and obligatory Nauryz Kozhe. Festive events and open air celebrations are held all the country round.

Saby Charitable Foundation congratulates all people of Kazakhstan with this spring holiday! We wish you strong health, plentiful dastarkhan, family happiness and may success always wait upon you!

III Poetical Competition There is Time As Yet!
Views: 360 | 18-03-2013 | Alem support of young talents

III Poetical Competition  There is Time As Yet! We would like to remind you that acceptance of works for participation in the Third Poetical Competition in the state language will end within one and half of a month. Poems may be sent till May 01, 2013 to The main expert is famous poet, writer, journalist, secretary and chairman of the Children Literature Union of Writers of Kazakhstan Sultan Kali. You can learn the rules and terms of the competition here.

According to the results of the first and second competitions, the book of poems of young authors was published. The book consists of the poems written by young authors, who became the best among all applicants according to the results of choice. The books were sent to the schools, where study laureates, and to local education authorities.

The winners of the verbal competition besides the grand prize, notebooks, received grants of Alem Program by Saby Foundation for education in prestigious universities of the country.

Participate and become winners!

Baurzhan Momyshuly The Last Kazakh Hero of the Soviet Union
Views: 1664 | 11-03-2013 | History of success

Baurzhan Momyshuly  The Last Kazakh Hero of the Soviet Union Few people know that Baurzhan Momyshuly was the idol of Ernesto Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, Volokolamsk Highway was one of the favorite books of Comandante Che and Castro

We would like to introduce you the article of Serik Malyeev, a famous journalist, observer of Liter newspaper, about the son of Kazakh people, Hero of the Soviet Union, a writer, Baurzhan Momyshuly.

Our Congratulations with the International Womens Day March 8th!
Views: 445 | 06-03-2013 | news

Our Congratulations with the International Womens Day March 8th!

This perfect day all men congratulate their wives and mothers, sisters and daughters, brides and girlfriends with this wonderful spring holiday.

Earlier the International Womens Day was celebrated in sign of the struggle for womens rights in the whole world. German revolutionist Clara Zetkin organized the first International Womens Day.

Nowadays, the International Womens Day is a wonderful woman holiday, the holiday of beauty, kindness and love. Every man tries to gladden his sweet ladies, preparing for this remarkable event in advance. Love, gratitude and respect for the beautiful half of humanity, women, unite us.

Saby Charitable Foundation congratulates all our readers with the International Womens Day March 8th!

With all our heart we wish you sound health, successes, personal development and woman happiness!


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