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III Poetical Competition – There is Time As Yet!
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III Poetical Competition – There is Time As Yet! We would like to remind you that acceptance of works for participation in the Third Poetical Competition in the state language will end within one and half of a month. Poems may be sent till May 01, 2013 to The main expert is famous poet, writer, journalist, secretary and chairman of the Children Literature Union of Writers of Kazakhstan Sultan Kali. You can learn the rules and terms of the competition here.

According to the results of the first and second competitions, the book of poems of young authors was published. The book consists of the poems written by young authors, who became the best among all applicants according to the results of choice. The books were sent to the schools, where study laureates, and to local education authorities.

The winners of the verbal competition besides the grand prize, notebooks, received grants of Alem Program by Saby Foundation for education in prestigious universities of the country.

Participate and become winners!

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