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Our Congratulations with May Day!
Views: 425 | 30-04-2013 | news

Our Congratulations with May Day! May Day with different titles such as: Labour Day, Day of Spring and Labour, Day of Labour Solidarity has being celebrated during over than 120 years in more than 140 countries of the world. Since 1996 in our country the First of May is The Day of Unity of Kazakhstan People. For a multinational friendly and well-consolidated Kazakhstan this holiday has a special meaning and has a great love of people.

On these first light days of May nature awakes again and presents to all people singing of birds, fragrance of flowers and inexpressible spring feeling. Festive events, concerts, festivals, competitions are held in all regions of the country creating feelings of patriotism, faithfulness and unselfish love of the country.

Saby Charitable Foundation congratulates all Kazakhstan people with May Day!
We wish you all strong health, family happiness, success and prosperity! May peace and harmony always prevail in our common house!

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Freedom of Movement! (video)
Views: 831 | 26-04-2013 | Decent life for Disabled Persons

Invataxi Services have been organized already in 20 cities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Invataxi render free transport services to disabled people, who have serious problems with musculoskeletal system. For this purpose, special transport in the amount of 60 cars of Volkswagen were purchased by Saby Foundation and were donated to the societies of disabled people. During 5 years of the realization of ‘Decent Life for Disabled People’ Project over than 300, 000 transportations have been carried out! From year to year this quantity is growing and a growing number of disabled people are involved to the active life of society.

The opportunity of movement allows to Live!

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Sport Project – Do Not Stop at the Achieved Level
Views: 830 | 24-04-2013 | Sport-Health-Achievement

Sport Project – Do Not Stop at the Achieved Level  In 2013 Sport Project of Saby Charitable Foundation plans to become a record project according to the quantity of constructed objects, the amount of expended sums and the term of works execution. Foster children from 4 social educational institutions of Kazakhstan will be granted with new sport buildings by the beginning of academic year already.

Three of the objects will be constructed in East Kazakhstan Region: multifunctional playgrounds for football, basketball and volleyball are planned to be built in one of the orphanages and in one of the boarding schools of Semey city. Also ‘Ksil’ Children Playground will be constructed in this city. People of Semey were very active in managing of the cooperation with Saby Foundation. Timely appeals to the Head of our organization, distribution of requests for construction and patient expectation have led to the long-awaited results.

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Saby Foundation – Ocean Bridge
Views: 762 | 16-04-2013 | Alem – support of young talents

Saby Foundation – Ocean Bridge Kanat Beissekeyev’s first camera was semiprofessional glassy Canon, which his eldest sister, having noticed Kanat’s passion to photography, presented him in sign of school graduation. Since that time the young photographer sees the world through the prism of camera lens trying to catch the most subtle and secret details of the happening. Every his work mutely expresses thousand words.

Kanat is 21 years old, the age when intermediate results are summed up and a person enters an expansive development stage. He managed to work in famous projects and worked at popular site of photo reports, Vox Populi.

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10 Wise Sayings by Albert Einstein
Views: 909 | 12-04-2013 | Wisdom of the Great

10 Wise Sayings by Albert Einstein Today we want to remember an interesting person, one of the founders of modern theoretical physics, a laureate of Nobel Prize in1921, Albert Einstein (1879-1955). Definitely most of us remember his photo with tongue put out, old man Albert had a good sense of humor:

One day Einstein walked along the corridor of Princeton and met a young and extremely untalented physical scientist. Coming up to Einstein the scientist familiarly gave a smack on his shoulder and asked patronizingly:
-How are you getting on, colleague?
Einstein questioned in surprise:
- Colleague? Are you suffering from rheumatism too?


All know the great scientist Einstein, but few people know that he was dedicated pacifist and philosopher, he thought a lot about life, a human being and humanity. Let us ponder over his ten wisdom sayings. These ideas reserved for dozens of years and now remain actual and popular.

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