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10 Wise Sayings by Albert Einstein
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10 Wise Sayings by Albert Einstein Today we want to remember an interesting person, one of the founders of modern theoretical physics, a laureate of Nobel Prize in1921, Albert Einstein (1879-1955). Definitely most of us remember his photo with tongue put out, old man Albert had a good sense of humor:

One day Einstein walked along the corridor of Princeton and met a young and extremely untalented physical scientist. Coming up to Einstein the scientist familiarly gave a smack on his shoulder and asked patronizingly:
-How are you getting on, colleague?
Einstein questioned in surprise:
- Colleague? Are you suffering from rheumatism too?


All know the great scientist Einstein, but few people know that he was dedicated pacifist and philosopher, he thought a lot about life, a human being and humanity. Let us ponder over his ten wisdom sayings. These ideas reserved for dozens of years and now remain actual and popular.

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