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Our Congratulations with May Day!
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Our Congratulations with May Day! May Day with different titles such as: Labour Day, Day of Spring and Labour, Day of Labour Solidarity has being celebrated during over than 120 years in more than 140 countries of the world. Since 1996 in our country the First of May is The Day of Unity of Kazakhstan People. For a multinational friendly and well-consolidated Kazakhstan this holiday has a special meaning and has a great love of people.

On these first light days of May nature awakes again and presents to all people singing of birds, fragrance of flowers and inexpressible spring feeling. Festive events, concerts, festivals, competitions are held in all regions of the country creating feelings of patriotism, faithfulness and unselfish love of the country.

Saby Charitable Foundation congratulates all Kazakhstan people with May Day!
We wish you all strong health, family happiness, success and prosperity! May peace and harmony always prevail in our common house!

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