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New Life Keys
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New Life Keys In Kazakhstan, according to the statistics, the quantity of school leavers, who graduated boarding schools and need dwelling, comprises approximately 12 thousands. The majority of children are from Almaty, where the cost of square meters makes the dream about their own house unrealizable. There are a great number of cases when young people, having left boarding schools, are stayed in the street. Orphans, trying to escape from long-term solitude, early settle down to married life and bear children, but without dwelling they often lose tutorship of their own children giving rise to the repeated cycle of orphanage.

Saby Charitable Foundation starting ‘Youth’ Pilot Project, developed special effective scheme which allows children to get long-expected flats on a preferential basis. Certainly, it is impossible to solve the problem of state scale, but to give chance of happy life to several children at least - is a good action already.

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