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Report of Give Life to Children Campaign
Views: 866 | 28-06-2013 | Save the childrens life

Report of Give Life to Children Campaign
We publish the regular report of Give Life to Children joint campaign of DOM and Saby Foundations, within the framework of which our citizens render assistance during 6 years to Kazakhstan children, who need treatment abroad, by means of sending from their mobile telephones, Beeline or Kcell, SMS with figure 1 to 8099 number transferring 280 KZT to the special account.

Thanks to the activity of a great number of people 406 children from all regions of our country have received assistance. 497 surgical interferences have been paid up (some children were operated more than once). The total amount of receipts during the campaign realization constituted 2.990.365 USD (as of June, 2013).

Thank you all for your kindness and participation!

Liudmila Timoshenko About Gift, Talents and Herself (video)
Views: 715 | 26-06-2013 | Alem support of young talents

Liudmila Timoshenko  About Gift, Talents and Herself (video) Timoshenko Liudmila Alekseyevna, honoured art worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, actress of the State Russian Academic Drama Theatre named after M. Yu. Lermontov, senior lecturer of the Department of stage speech in Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after Zhurgenov, spokesperson of NS Radio, she shares her opinion, experience and offers wise advices.

New Playground in Semei
Views: 847 | 24-06-2013 | Sport-Health-Achievement

New Playground in Semei In Semei boarding school No. 3 for blind and visually impaired children the new playground complex, built by Saby Charitable Foundation, with climbing walls, walking area, swings, slides, benches, rockers and so on has been opened.

School years for a child are the time of active growth and development, but for visually impaired children this period is the main period of their life, when they study at specialized training under the constant supervision. One of the major tasks of the school is the development of household physical skills; such children are studied to walk, to go up and down the staircase, to run, to jump and to dance.

When we got acquainted with the boarding school, it became clear that there was no place for foster children to develop in full rate. The decision was made to support the institution and to build for children special sport playgrounds and to equip places for relaxation.

Niccolo Paganini The Whole Life without Rest and Peace
Views: 795 | 21-06-2013 | History of success

Niccolo Paganini  The Whole Life without Rest and PeaceListening to Paganini for the first time famous composer Robert Schumann wrote: I think that he will start from an incredible force of sound volume. Then he started. How tender and soft his sound was. When he slightly and invisibly hooked the crowd with his magic music, the crowd started swaying with him. Then magic rings staggered more and more, people began to cuddle together until they fused into single impulsion as if hypnotized by the artist. Other magicians use in their art other formulas.

Our Nikita is 25!
Views: 364 | 18-06-2013 | Targeted assistance

How fast time passes by. Already ten years have gone since the time, when our Foundation got acquainted with Nikita Bazolev, a physically challenged person since his childhood, who suffers from severe form of ICP. Annually Saby Foundation renders financial assistance to his family in the form of medicaments, food stuff, and household chemicals. The set is formed with a view to make provision for the family for several months.

This year Nikita celebrates his anniversary, he is already twenty five. Coming the birthday boy home, we found him reading the Bible. Hard physical malady hides the young mans soul of incredibly high moral and great vivacity reflected in his bright eyes.

We hope that we will celebrate many anniversaries with Nikita and every meeting will be full of tenderness and hope.


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