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In Expectation of Invataxi
Views: 729 | 25-07-2013 | Decent life for Disabled Persons

In Expectation of Invataxi We want to inform you that the part of invataxi cars, purchased by Saby Foundation within the framework of Decent Life for Disabled People project, have been delivered in Almaty. It is 5 out of 10 new Volkswagen cars, which have been equipped taking into account people needs, who use wheelchairs.

Usually, it is necessary to expect each lot of cars, supplied from factory of Germany, during 6 months. This delivery turned out to be a little faster. Presently, cars are on customs clearance and pre-sales preparation.

With thanks, your Saby Fund
Views: 728 | 22-07-2013 | Terminal

With thanks, your Saby Fund Peer at figures of daily report on receipts to current account of donations from benefactors, we begin to think constantly that one man allowed time in his undoubtedly tight schedule, came to bank or QIWI payment terminal and transfer money for kindness. He made that simply from the heart do not waiting anything in return. We even cannot extend elementary words of gratitude to this man, you know that the payments arrive without contacts of the sender.

What a pity! We want so much to make acquaintance personally with everyone and say thank you for tender heart and responsiveness, for active life philosophy and doings changing to the good the heavy destinies of other people.

Mahatma Gandhi. Wisdom and Philosophy
Views: 814 | 17-07-2013 | Wisdom of the Great

Mahatma Gandhi. Wisdom and PhilosophyMahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) one of the leaders and ideologist of the national liberation movement of India. His philosophy of non-violence Satyagraha had an impact on national and international movements of those who supported peaceful changes. He rejected violence in any form. For more than 30 years he persistently preached his philosophy and finally proved the effectiveness of non-violence policy to the whole world when India peacefully gained independence from Britain thanks to Gandhis efforts in 1947.

But a savage struggle broke out between religious groups for the right to dictate their will to the government in the awakening country.

The year of 1947 ended with bitter disappointment for Gandhi. He kept proving the fatuity of violence but nobody seemed to listen to him. In January 1948, in a desperate attempt to stop the interethnic strife Mahatma Gandhi resorted to a hunger strike. He explained his decision this way: Death will become a miraculous escape for me. It is better to die than to be a helpless eyewitness of Indias self-destruction.

Even Impossible Problems Can Be Solved
Views: 713 | 10-07-2013 | Decent life for Disabled Persons

Even Impossible Problems Can Be Solved A staircase is an insuperable obstacle for a human being who has to move around in a wheelchair if there is nobody near the elevator, ramp or no physically fit accompanying person to help.

And though modern regulatory documents stipulate arrangement of elevators for wheelchair-dependent people in multi-storey buildings, in fact, they are limited to useless ramps which are raised only up to the first floor.

Practically, the only one alternative here is mobile special purpose elevators which ensure safe travel of wheelchair-dependent people up and down the staircase. But a big disadvantage of such step climbing devices is their high price - around US$ 8,000 per unit, which is, of course, too expensive for the majority of physically challenged people.


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