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Mahatma Gandhi. Wisdom and Philosophy
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Mahatma Gandhi. Wisdom and PhilosophyMahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) — one of the leaders and ideologist of the national liberation movement of India. His philosophy of non-violence Satyagraha had an impact on national and international movements of those who supported peaceful changes. He rejected violence in any form. For more than 30 years he persistently preached his philosophy and finally proved the effectiveness of non-violence policy to the whole world when India peacefully gained independence from Britain thanks to Gandhi’s efforts in 1947.

But a savage struggle broke out between religious groups for the right to dictate their will to the government in the awakening country.

The year of 1947 ended with bitter disappointment for Gandhi. He kept proving the fatuity of violence but nobody seemed to listen to him. In January 1948, in a desperate attempt to stop the interethnic strife Mahatma Gandhi resorted to a hunger strike. He explained his decision this way: “Death will become a miraculous escape for me. It is better to die than to be a helpless eyewitness of India’s self-destruction”.

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