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Square Metres Are Nearer and Nearer
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Square Metres Are Nearer and Nearer Good news: some our guys from the "Youth" Project, being depositors of "Zhilstroisberbank Kazakhstan" JSC, applied for participation in the pool for allotment of flats in the new perspective district of Almaty and found themselves among the 90 lucky men who was given a unique opportunity to become owners of precious square metres "finally finished" in the next year already.

Owing to high marks gained in the "pursuit for flats", two former inmates at a children's home managed to bypass more than 220 applicants. Naturally, such luck would not be real if it were not for support of our Fund; as the initial contribution in the amount of 20 000 USD that Saby made for the deposit account of every recipient increased their chances of victory and brought the guys nearer to the long-desired dream.

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