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Invataxi – Life without Obstacles
Views: 829 | 30-09-2013 | Decent life for Disabled Persons

Invataxi – Life without Obstacles On Saturday, September 28, the transfer of 10 new Volkswagen cars, as the gift for society of disabled people from 5 cities of Kazakhstan, was held by Saby Charitable Foundation. In such a way, free Invataxi transport services for physically challenged people are functioned in 20 cities of our country already, practically everywhere. The number of special cars, purchased and gifted to all regions by the Foundation, equipped with hydraulic lifting machines for wheelchairs, has achieved 62.

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Saby at Home of Kazakhstan Football
Views: 788 | 23-09-2013 | Sport-Health-Achievement

Saby at Home of Kazakhstan Football The opening of multifunctional sport ground, built on account of Saby Charitable Foundation in the territory of boarding school No. 4 for children with ear problems in Semei city on the 20th of September, turned into a real holiday. The present event was included into the city program of 100-anniversary celebration of Kazakhstan football, with a view of which the city was overtaken with football ethereal during 3 days.

Fosterlings of the boarding school tested the new sport ground already before its official opening and stayed very happy. Young sportsmen liked the modern cover “artificial grass”, which is not hazardous as asphalt and does not kick up dust as ground. And indeed, it is nicely to glance at the ground transformed beyond recognition.

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Qajimuqan – legendary wrestler Kazakh steppes
Views: 773 | 18-09-2013 | news, History of success

Qajimuqan – legendary wrestler Kazakh steppes Qajimuqan (Mukan) Munaytpasov (1871 – 1948) – is famous as the strongest Islamic wrestler in the world of sport battles. His name is connected with the development of physical culture and sport in Kazakhstan in the XX century and, specifically, with the development of Greco-Roman (French) wrestling. He was the one person, who could penetrate to the international arena and fame not only himself but his people on sport grounds of different countries of the world.

Biography is written in Russian.

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Start with a Book and Violin - to the Adult Life
Views: 880 | 11-09-2013 | Gifts of the Foundation

Start with a Book and Violin - to the Adult Life State Child Library Named after S. Begalin is the old friend of Saby Foundation. The whole activity of the library is targeted for the benefit of children, who visit homelike reference rooms and do not imagine their life without an interesting book.

But children visit the library not only with the aim of reading. In “Begalinka” library they can master their computer and Internet skills, watch movies and listen to music. Besides, different groups, working on the basis of the library, engrain the love of boys and girls for creativity. Here they learn to draw, sculpt, do crafts, and try themselves as actors in the child-juvenile theater and many other things.

Saby Charitable Foundation supported different projects and undertakings of this organization repeatedly or just delivered over presents and books for little visitors of the library.

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My Heart Is Hovering on the Wings of Poetry
Views: 739 | 04-09-2013 | Alem – support of young talents

My Heart Is Hovering on the Wings of Poetry There are especial moments in the work of our Foundation, which we want to share with you, our friends.

One of such events is the publication of the young poets’ book of poems, who write in the Kazakh language. This book contains selected writings of the most talented young people, who take part in the Annual Poetic Competition, organized by Saby Foundation. As well as the creative competition its final printed publication have became the traditional one.

New book “My Heart Is Hovering on the Wings of Poetry…” as a beloved child, we open the pages of the book tremblingly, which we so long and carefully worked at. Each letter, each sign is not occasional here: intricate interlacements of national ornaments and modern symbols bear the idea of inviolacy of times, but the necessity of alterations; unity of people, but differences of generations. The young writers write exactly about it in their works, which are full of real significance, patriotism and kindness.

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