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My Heart Is Hovering on the Wings of Poetry
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My Heart Is Hovering on the Wings of Poetry There are especial moments in the work of our Foundation, which we want to share with you, our friends.

One of such events is the publication of the young poets’ book of poems, who write in the Kazakh language. This book contains selected writings of the most talented young people, who take part in the Annual Poetic Competition, organized by Saby Foundation. As well as the creative competition its final printed publication have became the traditional one.

New book “My Heart Is Hovering on the Wings of Poetry…” as a beloved child, we open the pages of the book tremblingly, which we so long and carefully worked at. Each letter, each sign is not occasional here: intricate interlacements of national ornaments and modern symbols bear the idea of inviolacy of times, but the necessity of alterations; unity of people, but differences of generations. The young writers write exactly about it in their works, which are full of real significance, patriotism and kindness.

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