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Childrens Home Has Been Acknowledged As One of the Best Ones
Views: 801 | 30-10-2013 | Orkendeu Project

Childrens Home Has Been Acknowledged As One of the Best Ones  The Republican Review-Competition of the best architectural works for 2012-2013, organized by the League of Architects of the Republic of Kazakhstan, held in Almaty on October 4-6.

In the result of serious selection the project of the Childrens Home in Kyzylorda city, built by Saby Foundation in 2012, was awarded by Diploma of first rate in the nomination of Construction. The authors of the project, group of architects and engineers, became prize winners.

Become the Person What You Are
Views: 747 | 25-10-2013 | Educational project

Become the Person What You Are Coming closer to the graduation, every high school student starts thinking about the future, looking for his or her own key to success in life, thinking on the question what to become? Most teens choose a profession on their relativesadvice or by their friendsexample, without regard to their character traits, preferences and aptitudes. Unfortunately, such kind of choice hardly ever proves to be successful. As a result, the coveted university diploma lies dusty in a cabinet, and the newlytrained specialist is tempting fate in a completely different field.

Take a book in your hands!
Views: 801 | 16-10-2013 | Charitable Campaigns

Take a book in your hands! Its not a secret that with the development of Internet technologies our population, particularly children, fewer and fewer read literature. Almost everyone has the ability to connect to the World Wide Web and it is so interesting move your finger on the touch screen, "stretching" pictures, "turn over" online page, or simply click "the mouse" of the computer without straining your brain by comprehension of a serious information. It is much easier to watch a short video or a film, than to analyze other people's lives and situations.

It is hard to define unambiguous reasons for this situation. We, for example, see one of it in that tactile connection between the man and the book is lost. Printed publications have become quite expensive and inaccessible for many. In this case, the real pleasure of reading is missing, when you feel the smell of printers ink, you hear the rustle of turning pages, you feel the quality of the paper. Perhaps if to make friends the reader with the real book, newspaper or magazine, we again become the most reading country in the world.


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