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Alexander Fleming’s “Accidental” Findings
Views: 821 | 27-11-2013 | History of success

Alexander Fleming’s “Accidental” Findings Sir Alexander Fleming (1881-1955) – British bacteriologist. He was the first one who found out especial liquid in a human’s mucus membrane, which not only prevent microbe penetration, but kill them. He separated this substance, it was named as lysozyme. Later he could find a substance in penicillium mold which kills bacterium. As a result the first antibiotic, penicillin, appeared which made a revolution in medicine.

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Report. Charity Fundraising by Means of Qiwi Terminals
Views: 735 | 20-11-2013 | Medical Project, Terminal

Report. Charity Fundraising by Means of Qiwi Terminals Saby Foundation is responsible for any contribution, coming from benefactors. Philanthropists repose trust in our organization their money in the belief that no tenge will disappear and all of them will find an effective application in the most actual social projects.

The "fate" of received funds is determined by the Board of the Foundation. For example, when the fundraising system starts by the means of Qiwi payment terminals, it was decided not to put in circulation individual allotment of users immediately (because usually, the amount of received payments is not very large); it’s more reasonably to accumulate money during a certain period of time and then absorb maximum interest of them.

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My 4 Seasons in New York
Views: 818 | 13-11-2013 | Alem – support of young talents

My 4 Seasons in New York Medet Shayakhmetov, Alem participant, who studies at New York Cinema Academy on educational grant of Alem Program of Saby Charitable Foundation, tells about himself, his life and education in the USA.

Вот и подходит к концу первый год обучения в New York Film Academy , и за эти 11 месяцев я улучшил свои навыки и узнал много нового. Я прожил почти год в Нью-Йорке, целых четыре волшебных сезона, мое обучение началось в январе.

Зима – это было стартовое время года. Сначала было непривычно зимой жить без снега, но это не означает, что тут не было холодно. Из-за высокого уровня влаги нью-йоркские морозы можно сравнить с казахстанскими. До того как началось обучение, я не мог поверить, что нахожусь в США. Все было как во сне. Я старался больше времени проводить на улице, гулять по городу, посещал достопримечательности. И 10 января началась учеба, первый день в New York Film Academy . Скажу честно, я был в шоке от простоты преподавательского состава, все учителя, включая ректора академии, очень простые и легкие в общении люди. В тот день нам устроили тур по зданию. Самое интересное то, что кабинеты тут названы в честь великих режиссеров, например, утром у меня урок в кабинете Martin Scorsese, а следующий - в Spike Lee и так далее. Все в этом здании пропитано творчеством, самая настоящая атмосфера кино!

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Grants for the future
Views: 807 | 06-11-2013 | Educational project

Grants for the future This year, 49 students from Almaty and regions have studied at the secondary and higher educational institutions of our country thanks to Saby Charitable Foundation grants, issued under the Educational Project and Alem Young Talents Support Program.

From our experience, we know that only a few first-year students are able to get involved in learning and assimilate knowledge they are being taught from the very beginning. Former schoolchildren feel a sense of discomfort; they fail to keep their usual rhythm of life, barely coping with the increased workload and responsibility. Unfortunately, freshers sometimes give up their study at the start. That’s why we count our ‘chickens’ not on the 1st of September, but a little later, giving them the opportunity to adapt.

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