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Happy New Year 2014!
Views: 310 | 26-12-2013 | news

Happy New Year 2014! Dear friends,

С Новым Годом поздравляем!
Счастья всей душой желаем!
Чтоб прожить вам этот год
Без печалей и забот!

We would like to offer our sincere congratulations with the upcoming New Year 2014!

We wish you strong health, prosperity, success in all initiatives and undertakings. We wish joy, sunshine and welfare to all your loved and darling people.

May the Year of Horse be “lucky” and all hardships pass by

Sincerely yours,
Saby Foundation

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Saby Charitable Foundation 2013
Views: 876 | 20-12-2013 | Annual reports

Regular annual report about the activity of Saby Charitable Foundation, which we represent on the pages of our web site on the eve of New Year, shows the increasing activity volume practically in all implemented projects.


The young people of Kazakhstan take an active interest to the “Alem” Young Talents Support Program. A growing number of applications from potential grant receivers, who can learn about the Program from our web site, from thematic advertisement in school printed publications, from informative leaflets distributed by the employees of the Foundation during objective business trips to the distant regions of our country as well as from children who had already found themselves in the number of the “Alem” participants. The main expectancy of children is to receive educational grants. The selection to the “Alem” Program is the most serious, only best of the best ones receive the opportunity of education in prestigious universities of our country and foreign countries.
Also the great popularity has the Annual Poetical Contest in the state language, declared by Saby Foundation within the framework of the “Alem” Program. And the printed collection of the best works, selected in the result of this creative competition, became the true literary event, because the copies of the book were sent to hundreds of school libraries all through the country.

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Our Congratulations with Independence Day!
Views: 298 | 13-12-2013 | news

Our Congratulations with Independence Day! Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the state holiday celebrated on the 16th of December annually.

Our ancestors fought for freedom and territorial integrity of the country from ancient times. Modern unity of multinational Kazakhstan and people’s love for their motherland helped to overcome all difficulties and to achieve success for the short time.

Dear compatriots, we congratulate you with this holiday and wish to all strong health, happiness, welfare and peaceful sky of our dear land!

Sincerely yours,
Saby Foundation

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