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Day of Protection of Children!
Views: 407 | 30-05-2014 | news

Day of Protection of Children! The International Day of Protection of Children was established on the congress of International Democratic Federation in 1949 in Paris. More than 50 countries of the world celebrate this holiday on the 1st of June beginning from 1950. In our country this holiday is associated with the beginning of long-expected summer vacations.

For Saby Foundation, the name of which is translated from Kazakh as a “child”, this date is especially important, because our main activity is directed to the health and development of children and youth. Creating necessary conditions, we hope that every child can become a dignified citizen of our native land in future.

Wishes on the Day of Protection of Children are always the most sincere, indeed a child’s smile and luminous eyes is the greatest happiness. Every child shall have a happy childhood!

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Good Luck, School Leavers!
Views: 417 | 28-05-2014 | Educational project

Good Luck, School Leavers! Сourses of preparation to the Common National Testing, which Saby Foundation organizes every year in one of the educational centers of our city for foster children of boarding schools of Almaty and Almaty region, have terminated recently.

As we wrote earlier, not all seniors, who participated in the project, could boast their results in the first months: additional loading to the school program is hard. 8-month way to the main testing was difficult. Sometimes school leavers had to miss classes by the reason of illness or other reasons. But in spite of this the majority of them could dispose vacancies in their knowledge, which seemed to be especially difficult. They improved their results and showed stable good points.

On the part of the Foundation comprehensive contact was maintaining with mentors from educational centers, fosterers and pupils themselves over the period of the training course. Now we hope that every school leaver can pass his/her first main examination with certainty.

Good luck!

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Welcome Home, Kanat!
Views: 618 | 21-05-2014 | Alem – support of young talents

Welcome Home, Kanat! How time does fly! It seems that only yesterday the possessor of Saby Foundation international grant on the “Alem” Young Talents Support Program Kanat Beisekeyev, having driven through the whole world, started his education in New York Cinema Academy specializing in “Photography” one year course. And now he came off the plane and returned to his native land.

Four seasons, within the frameworks of intensive training course, our “Alem” participant mastered the technique of photography in the best professional workshops of the world participating in all, even the most ambitious, projects of different styles such as: documental, classic, artistic and commercial.

Kanat also combined his study with work, accepting private orders from famous magazines, took photograph of look books, and prepared the series of reports about Kazakhstan people, who live in USA. The latter one induced active response among internet users, who learnt many interesting things about our former compatriots emigrating to America in search of a better life.

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Fariza! Farizazhan, Fariza-kyz
Views: 817 | 16-05-2014 | History of success

Fariza! Farizazhan, Fariza-kyz Few poets manage to combine such principles as open public spirit and penetrating lyricism, innocence and generosity of human relations and tragicalness of unanswered love, lines about sacred friendship and wise thoughts about poet’s skill. The poetess Fariza Ongarsynova is successful in it. Her verses – effective picture of modern reality.

Biography is presented in the Russian language.

Ф. Онгарсынова родилась 25 декабря 1939 года в ауле Манаш Новобогатинского района Гурьевской области. В 1961 году окончила филологический факультет Гурьевского (Атырауского) педагогического института и до 1966 года работала сначала учительницей, а потом директором в сельских школах. Мать Фаризы, неграмотная казашка, любила народные сказания, старинные казахские песни. Долгими зимними вечерами дети читали вслух книги, учили на память поэтические произведения. Многим Фариза обязана матери, стремившейся, чтобы дети росли свободными, не скованными цепями давних традиционных запретов.

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“Invataxi” For Veterans
Views: 366 | 12-05-2014 | Decent life for Disabled Persons

“Invataxi” For Veterans Five years have passed since the moment when Saby Foundation solemnly presented keys from the initial batch of special Volkswagen cars, equipped with hydraulic ram, to the society of disabled people in Almaty city for creation of free social transport service for transportation of wheelchair persons. The alterations occurred since then only gladden: our cars drive already in 20 cities of Kazakhstan, facilitating lives of people with disabilities.

It is gladly to mention, especially on these victorious May days, that “invataxi” uses not only for transportation of disabled people. In some cities of our country, thanks to the local budget financing of transport services, veterans of the Great Patriotic War can call a cab. Guided tours to the festive events were organized for veterans with especial consideration on the 9th of May.

Years are passing and, unfortunately, the number of veterans is decreasing. We are happy that our cars bring a little joy to their life.

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