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Youth Project Is Three Years Already
Views: 407 | 26-06-2014 | Youth Project

Youth Project Is Three Years Already Three years ago our charitable foundation covered the question of the trilateral agreement conclusion between Saby, Zhilstroysberbank JSC and the first participants of the Youth pilot project.

To the present day we are quite pleased with the results: four participants have become the possessors of their own flats, moreover, three of them received the flats according to the pool of Zhilstoysberbank in a house under construction in one of the new districts of Almaty city. In the nearest future the house is put in commission and the succession of housewarmings will not keep waiting.

One of the participants acquired ready flat and invited us to share with her joy. We accepted the invitation with pleasure and visited the happy possessor of precious meters. We mentioned that the young landlady furnished her house tastefully attaching to it homelike lived-in-look. Web link of the photo.

Very soon other participants will join the final straight on the way to their sacred dream own roof over their heads.

One More Alem Participant Will Visit America
Views: 705 | 19-06-2014 | Alem support of young talents

One More Alem Participant Will Visit America Two months ago we received an interesting resume from one of the applicants of Alem Young Talents Support Program Akhazhanov Ablaikhan. Gifted young man with great ambitions wants to change the world to the best and always strives for the achievement of stated goals.

Ablaikhan started his educational way from the physico-mathematical school. Having completed the school with honours, he entered the Almaty Energy Institute on the specialty Radiotechnics, Electronics and Telecommunications. Parallely Ablaikhan got the second higher education in the Moscow Energy Institute. He participated in many city and republican school academic competitions on physics and mathematics and won medal places.

Ablaikhan decided to dedicate his future to scientific work in the sphere of nanotechnologies. The beginning engineer managed to find proper laboratory in Almaty and to obtain the permit for experimental investigations of nanomaterials named graphene. To continue to do his hobby at more serious level Ablaikhan dreams to continue the education in UCLA California University, Los Angeles city.

Results of the Fourth Poetical Contest
Views: 699 | 12-06-2014 | Alem support of young talents

Results of the Fourth Poetical Contest Dear friends,

The Fourth poetical contest in the State language, annually announced by Saby Foundation, was terminated. The contest, opening creative capacities of young authors from the whole Kazakhstan, is traditionally held since January to May.

This year the main expert in the sphere of literature became Koshym-Nogai Baibota Serikbaiuly, famous poet for children, translator and a member of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan and Deputy chief editor of "Baldyrgan". He commented the works of the beginning word-painters in the following way: I am happy to see that our rising generation has a developed metaphoric language, logical sequence in the expression of details and feelings, as well as defined dialogue with readers.

Street Named after S. Luganski
Views: 702 | 06-06-2014 | The streets of southern capital

Street Named after S. Luganski One of Almaty streets, situated on the westward from Dostyk avenue, was named after Sergey Danilovich Luganskiy

Sergey Danilovich Luganskiy (19181977)

The squadron commander of the 270th fighter air regiment (the 203rd fighter aviation division, the 1st assault aviation corps, the 5th air army, Steppe Front), doubly the Hero of the Soviet Union.

Sergey Luganskiy was born on the 1st of October, 1918 in a rural family in Verniy city.

In1936 he finished junior high school and worked as a gardener. In the same year Sergey was called to the Red Army and was directed by the komsomol ticket to the Orenburg Military Academy of Aviators, after the completion of which in 1938 he did military service in the 14th aviation brigade in Pskov.


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