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For the Attention of the Young Mathematicians!
Views: 441 | 31-07-2014 | Alem support of young talents

For the Attention of the Young Mathematicians! Saby Charitable Foundation within the frameworks of Alem Young Talents Support Program announces the enrolment to the group of advanced mathematicians of free education program. Pupils of 7th and 8th forms of secondary general schools are invited. The education will be held two times a week during 5 academic years.

The selection of participants will be carried out on the basis of competition. Application forms with the description of achievements in the field of mathematics (report of academic progress, diplomas, certificates etc.) shall be sent to the following e-mail:

Application for the Participation
1. Your full name
2. State your school
3. State your address
4. State your marks for the last year (attach the scanned report of academic progress)
5. State your achievements in the field of mathematics ( attach scanned diplomas and certificates)
6. How did you learn about Saby Foundation?
7. Why do you choose mathematics?

Construction of the Children Village. Steps.
Views: 441 | 30-07-2014 | Orkendeu Project » Children's villages of family type in Astana

We have already informed that a land parcel was allotted for Saby Foundation in Astana city for the construction of children village of family type for orphan children and children left without parental care. Now our colleague prepares necessary documents for the land parcel.

Besides, it is necessary to solve many tasks on the stage of planning and preparation to the construction. One of the tasks is the engineering, geodesic and geological investigations on the land parcel. At the present time this work has been done. All information received in the result of topographical survey and soil exploration is extremely necessary for the development of design and estimate documentation which will become the next step in the project.

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Street Named After Bassenov
Views: 718 | 23-07-2014 | The streets of southern capital

Street Named After Bassenov One of Almaty streets was named after Toleu Kulchamanovich Bassenov. The street is situated to the south of Timiryazev street and to the west of Zharokov street.

Bassenov Toleu Kulchamanovich (1909-1976)

The first Kazakh professional architect, honored builder of the Kazakh SSR, associate member of the Architecture Academy of USSR, one of the first scientist-pedagogues in the field of architecture, the founder of the Kazakh Architectural School, the first chairman of the Association of Architects of Kazakhstan. Bassenov was the initiator of the first Architectural Faculty foundation in the republic.

He was born in Shalkar district of Aktobe region. Bassenov graduated the Leningrad Institute of Civil Engineers and started his labor activity in the Construction Department of the Council of Peoples Commissars of the Kazakh SSR.

What the Childrens Home Lives By
Views: 463 | 17-07-2014 | Orkendeu Project » Orphanage in Kyzylorda

What the Childrens Home Lives By Time flies imperceptibly. This is the second year the inmates of Kyzyl-Orda Childrens Home have lived in a new place, built for them by Saby Foundation. This house has become home for orphans by giving them comfortable atmosphere and warmth in the true sense of the word and razing from the childrens memory dank and grey rooms of the old building.

We have been watching with pleasure how the childrens life was arranged and now is taking place within the walls of the new building. In addition we were particularly concerned about the issue of creating for children an appropriate recreation area in the open air. Initially, in the developmental stage of the construction project, we have devoted much attention to the issue of planting area, since all childrens institutions are to be separated as possible from adjacent territories and streets through the creation of shelterbelts. There was one serious nuance the local severe climate and salty soils dont make good germination capacity.

However appropriately selected species of plants, proper planting and care did their job children run around on the lush grass, enjoy life-giving water of a fountain and rejoice at bright flowers colors. And for supper a cook prepares for them tasty dishes from fresh vegetables harvested in own beds.

May this oasis around the Childrens Home expand and probably in time it will become a green pearl of the city at which people will come to have a look.


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