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By Rendering of Assistance – You Enlighten Your Way
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By Rendering of Assistance – You Enlighten Your Way John Rockefeller, the richest person in the world, said: “Help people not for the remuneration in money but in all honesty. Give 10% of your profit for charitable purposes”. Life is a boomerang, what you give the same returns to you. The history of the multimillionaire’s success is the bright confirmation.

Kindness returns in multiple size, and returns not in material values but with sincere words of gratitude. This kind of gratitude is much more important!
We say “THANK YOU” to all our philanthropists who using payment terminals transfer money to the account of Saby Foundation.
Thank you for your confidence! All your money is transferred for good of people in need.

Do not pass by “QIWI” payment terminals, choose Saby Foundation, and give people kindness!

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