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Skalomobil Project Works in Pavlodar
Views: 367 | 29-01-2015 | Decent life for Disabled Persons

Recently a worker of Saby Foundation visited Pavlodar where he met with the Head of the Pavlodar City Society of Physically Challenged Persons, which is a beneficiary of the Foundation and within the framework of Decent Life for Disabled People project in 2011 received two Invataxi cars and stepper stair lift as a gift from Saby Foundation.

Georgii Chetverikov, the chairman of the Society, said that thanks to the gift from 2012 the city launched a new kind of free services for wheelchair users. Now physically challenged people are not only driven by free Invataxi but also the drivers of social services help them to overcome the staircases. Thus all the conditions for self-realization and integration of people with limited mobility are established in Pavlodar.

Subscription - 2015
Views: 374 | 23-01-2015 | Educational project

Subscription - 2015 The subscription for the most readable and popular childs publications, Baldyrgan magazine and Ulan newspaper, has been extended for social institutions which applied to Saby Foundation. Moreover, the quantity of subscriptions has increased doubly.

Therefore, in 2015 fosterlings of the affiliated institutions will have the possibility to read their favorite magazines again. Under the conditions of total computerization and informatization it is remarkably that children show their interest in live reading and it confirms the actuality of this charitable act.

One More Town Conquered by Alem
Views: 649 | 19-01-2015 | Alem support of young talents

One More Town Conquered by Alem Fireworks died down and the New Year holidays ended. On the first day of training the employees of the Saby Foundation went to schools in Pavlodar. The main purpose of this trip was to disseminate information about the Alem Young Talents Support Program.

Pupils and teachers were explained to the conditions of the Project. For them such a charity is a novelty, it has caused great interest and at times skepticism too. The very few of Kazakhstan charity foundations provide educational grants and probably just only employees of Saby travel around the country in search of talented youth.

New Years Surprise for Kids
Views: 380 | 16-01-2015 | Charitable Campaigns

New Years Surprise for Kids Periodically, especially on holidays, sponsors visit the Foundation and want to render single assistance for children, to do a good deed. In advance of the New Year THEFACESHOP Company, the multiple store of Korean cosmetics in Kazakhstan, turned to our Foundation with a request to find beneficiaries. Taking into account our wide experience the search of corresponding social institution did not take a lot of time: we recommended Shymbulak antiphthisic sanatorium for children, where nearly 300 little patients from social vulnerable families take rehabilitation treatment.

Children liked the New Year presents in the form of development games. What could be more important than the sunny smile on the childs face!

We thank all who are not indifferent to the fate of children in need.

The Chance to Build Your Own Business Is Still Available
Views: 300 | 13-01-2015 | news

The order taking for participation in the contest Build Your Business comes to the end. 2 weeks left till the definition of the list of semifinalists.

Oxana Yermasheva, the Vice President of Saby Foundation, tells about the contest and plans for the future.


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"Build your own business"

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