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Build Your Business Contest Is Over
Views: 598 | 27-02-2015 | news

Build Your Business Contest Is OverThe results of Build Your Business Contest, so much expected by both participants and observers, were announced on February 27 in the business hall of Dostyk hotel.

The grand prize in the amount of 100, 000 US dollars has been divided between the projects: Processing of tires into roof material and ''KASSENGALY HANDMADE'' . Being experienced businessmen, the sponsors of the competition Kenes Rakishev and Vyacheslav Kim explained this decision by the fact that any business at every stage of its existence shall receive adequate financing, otherwise the crisis of overproduction will lead to its failure. Financial influence in 50, 000 US dollars is the sum which these enterprises need for the development. One more decision has been taken by the sponsors the day before the declaration of results: to increase the quantity of grants by 20, 000 US dollars. Therefore, 7 participants, but not 5 ones as expected, received this sum.

George Bernard Shaw Quotes
Views: 674 | 23-02-2015 | Wisdom of the Great

George Bernard Shaw Quotes George Bernard Shaw was the only person who was awarded both the Nobel prize and Oscar. He is the most renowned and distinguished critic of his days and dramaturge who wrote in the English language after Shakespeare.

His subtle quotations show the profound world view:
1. My way of joking is to tell the truth
2. Self-sacrifice enables us to sacrifice other people without blushing.

Professional testing 2015
Views: 399 | 18-02-2015 | Educational project

Professional testing 2015 The second February stage of professional testing of fosterlings of boarding schools of Almaty city has come to the close. The testing was held in Almaty branch of Saint Petersburg University of the Humanities and Social Sciences.
All participants received the reports with detail analysis of their testing according to which an expert of professional testing had a personal talk with every child giving valuable recommendations about occupational choice.
Computer professional testing, organized by Saby Foundation annually, has good results. As we have informed 70% of children, who had passed testing, enter chosen specialties selected by smart program successfully.

Street named after Zein Shashkin
Views: 658 | 16-02-2015 | The streets of southern capital

Street named after Zein Shashkin There is a small street in Almaty about 1 km long, located to the east of the Esentai river, begins from the Timiryazev street (link to an article about Timiryazev street) and crosses just 2 streets - Popov and Al-Farabi. It is named after the Kazakh Soviet writer, playwright, doctor, scientist - Zein Shashkin.

Zein Shashkin (1912 - 1966 yrs.) - A man with a difficult life like many of his contemporaries. During his lifetime he was called the "Kazakh Chekhov": he had medical education and as a Practicing Physician he graduated from the Moscow Institute of History, Philosophy and Literature, and continued "medical" line in the literature after Chekhov, Veresaev, Bulgakov, Conan Doyle.
He was secretary of the Komsomol City Committee of Karaganda, a teacher at the teachers colleges in Semipalatinsk and Alma-Ata.

His first works were in the 30s, a literary work "Features the poetry of Abai" (1934) was the most notable, and a few years in collaboration with E. Ismailov Z. Shashkin made "The educational book on theory of literature" for colleges. Then, a streak of bad luck started in the life of a young writer he was run over with an asphalt compactor of repressions. Harsh destiny of the member of intellectuals branded as "an enemy of the people" coincides with just the early years. Then he ruined his health and, although he survived into rehabilitation and subsequently did much, but passed away at the peak of his career at the age of 54.

Needful Gifts from QIWI Users
Views: 415 | 12-02-2015 | Medical Project

Needful Gifts from QIWI Users Saby Foundation replied on the application of the City Infectious Hospital For Children of Almaty city to purchase furniture for children with pleasure. Multicolored tables with chairs were manufactured by special order, at which children may not only have dinner, but play development games. In the conditions of hospital and shortage of vacant space it is necessary to combine everything.

Besides furniture, it was decided to gift computer equipment to the institution as well as electronic weighting unit for babies.

Saby foundation often holds one-time campaigns, because all money received from sponsors are usually spent on previously approved projects. These presents became possible thanks to money which we received from you, our friends, through QIWI payment terminals. Thus, little by little, together you made a great deal!

Thank you!

P.S. in continuation of this campaign one of the friends of the foundation presented playpens with mattress to children from infectious department, because there existed acute need in such things.


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