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We are not afraid ... СNT
Views: 407 | 26-03-2015 | Educational project

We are not afraid ... СNT Very little time is left before the end of the school year and, consequently, to the Common National Testing.

Our sponsored children from Almaty orphanages and boarding schools, attending preparatory courses paid by “Saby” Foundation, came to the final preparation stage for CNT. They are diligently preparing for, so far, the main exam of their life, which is simultaneously both a knowledge assessment gained for 11 years, and an entrance test to universities.

Of course, it is not easy to combine the current school teaching and learning activities with extra classes. However, regular level tests show that the performance of participants is improving month by month, and reception of desired points at CNT becomes quite feasible.

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Our Congratulations with Nauryz Holiday!
Views: 499 | 20-03-2015 | news

Our Congratulations with Nauryz Holiday!

Dear People of Kazakhstan!

‘Saby’ Charitable Foundation sends you our congratulations on the occasion of Nauryz!

Let's leave all the bad and old grudges in the past and with the blessings of the older we congratulate each other. It is the day when all wishes that we utter will come true.

Let this festive occasion of vernal equinox will bring you good luck, happiness and warmth to your homes!

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Wheelchair for Darina
Views: 399 | 18-03-2015 | Decent life for Disabled Persons

Wheelchair for Darina In January of this year, a resident of Semey city has addressed to our Foundation asking for help to buy an expensive wheelchair for her daughter Darina. Unfortunately, the teenager has a serious diagnosis of ICP and congenital defect of a central nervous system.

The girl has already passed one treatment course in China. In order to maintain a stable condition it is necessary for her to have a regular massage, acupuncture and do remedial gymnastics. Besides a specialized wheelchair is required that will ensure the correct position of a back and unload a spine.

Taking into account current improvements in treatment of the girl, “Saby” Fund has complied with the request of her mother and bought Racer Plus wheelchair of Akces-MED (Poland) manufacture that will serve Darina at least 3 years.

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Saby Foundation. Synergy of Projects.
Views: 558 | 11-03-2015 | Alem – support of young talents

Saby Foundation. Synergy of Projects. For more than half a year now 10 pupils of the 7-8 grades, gifted in mathematics, attend advanced training courses in mathematics. Saby Foundation finances these courses in the frameworks of the “Alem” Young Talents Support Program. The classes take place at the educational centre established and headed by the grantee of the competition “Build Up Your Own Business” in 2014.

Such combination of seemingly differently directed projects brings excellent results. Firstly, the ideas of “Alem” Program are implemented. Secondly, young entrepreneurs are provided support not only in the form of financial assistance, but in the form of guaranteed service orders for the next 5 years.

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Many Happy Returns of the International Women’s Day!
Views: 364 | 06-03-2015 | news

Many Happy Returns of the International Women’s Day!Dear girls, women, mothers, grandmothers, sisters and daughters!

Saby Charitable Foundation offers congratulations on International Women’s Day!
With our best wishes we devote this spring poem to you:

Poem is presented in the Russian language:

Пусть первый подснежник подарит вам нежность!
Весеннее солнце подарит тепло!
А мартовский ветер подарит надежду,
Любовь пусть с собой принесет и добро!

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