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Thomas Alva Edison- The Light in My Window
Views: 606 | 30-04-2015 | Wisdom of the Great

Thomas Alva Edison- The Light in My Window There was no more inventive person than Thomas Edison(1847-1931) in the American history. In general he is the author of more than 1000 patented inventions in the USA and about 3000 inventions in other countries. But before achieving such eminent result Thomas, according to his own sincere statements, has carried out tens of thousands unsuccessful experiments. During his life Edison improved telegraph, telephone, invented microphone, and phonograph; and what the most important Thomas illuminated America and then the whole world by his light bulb.

From the tender age he was very independent. When there appeared the necessity in money he carried on trade, he sold candies, newspapers, fruits. Then he managed the group of boys, who sold and shared their income with him.

In 1878 Thomas Edison started commercial introduction of light bulb, which brought him the great publicity. Light bulb was not his invention (here the priority belonged to Alexander Nikolayevich Lodygin and Pavel Nikolayevich Yablochkov), he became the creator of such type of lamp and such electrical distribution system, which can jointly work in economic run. Edisons lighting system could compete with gaslight of those days. For the expansion of practical application of electricity it was equally important than the invention of a lamp. In 1873 Edison, after thousand of experiments, invented a lamp with carbon filament, which burned 40 hours. He constructed direct-current generators, power transmission lines, electric networks and then three-wire system.

Asel Tasmagambetova, the President of Saby Foundation
Views: 1153 | 24-04-2015 | news

Asel Tasmagambetova, the President of Saby Foundation About the Foundation, about our work and a little bit about me

Saby Foundation is 13 years old: a considerable period to make a name and form a solid reputation. But if the reputation is faulty, it is enough time to make this fact clear. Our Foundation has a reputation as a reliable partner, to whom sponsors and philanthropists entrust their money knowing that projects they fund, are provided for all contingencies and always well-timed. We do not rush from one action to another: our projects solve systemic problems, they are deeply thought out, therefore, as a rule, conditions and opportunities for their implementation shape well, like puzzles fall into place, and this means moving in the right direction.

The central driving force of our Foundation is a great desire to render help those, who need it, not looking at this for benefit, without propagandizing and chanting slogans and appeals. Because true human desire to help never needs for advocacy.

Why do we do this? For us this is a special job that makes us included in the world and gives the right to a sense of self-respect. Facilitating and improving the lives of disadvantaged people, increasing the level of education of young people, giving them the impetus to the development and much more we first of all get a huge charge of the fullness of life and self-creation. For each person it is important to be needed and not only for his/her family and dear ones. To be significant for the society, this is the highest degree of realization of the individual.

There are a phrase said by great Indian philosopher and thinker Swami Vivekananda that never cease to delight us and inspire us to new deeds:

Do you compassionate towards others? If so, your unity increases. And if you are not compassionate towards others, then may you be the greatest intellectual of all times, you will be left nothing. You are just a kind of chilly intellect and nothing more. But if you compassionate, may you have not read a single book and do not know other languages, but you're on the right track.

Charitable Dozen of Saby Foundation
Views: 577 | 20-04-2015 | news

Charitable Dozen of Saby Foundation Saby Charity Foundation celebrates its 13th anniversary!

There is so much done within these years! With hindsight, we are proud to remember all the implemented projects, some of them have been developed and implemented for the first time while charity movement exists in our country.

One of such projects, for example, was the project Good Living Standards for Handicapped People: today at the roads of Kazakhstan there are 62 specialized vehicles intended for traveling of the people with disabilities who use wheelchairs. All vehicles have been purchased by our charity foundation and donated to the local societies of the disabled.

The infant orphanage for 60 children was built and commissioned in Kyzylorda city. 2-floor and 3-block building with total area 1717 sq.m. is built and fully equipped for comfortable living of orphans at the age till 4. The certified study center for infant development Montessori was established at the orphanage. 'Saby' foundation as well performed landscaping and planting of the territory with the area 0.7 ha. Moreover the large children's playground and covered summer pavilions were constructed.

In scope of the sports project 30 sports and play grounds were built in 10 cities of the country. The foster children from 20 boarding schools have the opportunity not only to play or train outdoors but also go in for sports at professional level.

One More Participant in the Youth Project
Views: 352 | 15-04-2015 | Youth Project

The Youth project of Saby Foundation makes a great contribution in the process of social adaptation of orphaned children of the South capital by offering the opportunity to acquire owner-occupied dwelling on favourable conditions for those who cannot count upon state programs for a number of reasons.

The former of an Almaty boarding school leaver became the next participant of the project. Not passed the contest of dwelling distribution because of her age (she is already 30 years old), she almost despaired.

For all that she chose her lucky ticket and, thanks to the primary contribution in the amount of 50% of the cost of one-roomed flat paid by our Foundation, she will soon become the possessor of her own dwelling.

Building of Residential Community in Aktobe
Views: 949 | 08-04-2015 | Orkendeu Project » Social hostel for the orphanage leavers in the cit

Saby Charitable Foundation in scope of the Project Orkendeu starts the building of a residential community in Aktobe city for the boarding schools graduates who have health disabilities.

This decision has been made on the basis of the data obtained due to the meetings and consultations with the agents of guardianship and wardship authority in Aktobe city as well as after the meeting with Akim of Aktobe city, Aktobe region who were sympathetic to endorse this initiative.

According to available information currently there is only one operating House for youth, which is the institution for the social adaptation of orphan children and for the children without parental care come to this House after graduating the regional boarding schools. This House is 1971 year built, it is obsolete and worn-out; its designated for 100 places but it is permanently overcrowded as children from all over the region come here. Besides the vacant places are deficit there is also a real problem for the boarding schools graduates with mental disabilities, need independent residence as they need more time for adaptation and permanent social-psychological support. Its urgent need to build new building to provide the residence to such group of children.

According to socioeconomic project rationale there is proposition to build a range of 2-floor townhouses with total capacity 80 places; the ground floors of these houses will be designated for the wheelchair users accommodation. We are as well planning to build mini-shops to provide possibility of the labour adaptation to the educatees and also the possibility to work and become financially sufficient. Moreover building of gym, events hall and sports ground is also provisioned. All the objects will meet requirements of the currently valid regulatory documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The total area of buildings and facilities will amount approximately 6 000 sq.m.


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