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The 31st Sport Object Will Be Built in Aktobe
Views: 648 | 25-06-2015 | Sport-Health-Achievement

The 31st Sport Object Will Be Built in Aktobe Saby Charitable Foundation performs active work in the west region. Recently the project of building of societal residence hall for the foster home leavers started in Aktobe city.

Installation of children playground for fosterlings of Aktobe specialized correctional school No7. has been planned for the period from July to August. The object will be constructed within the framework of Sport Project and will become the 31st one in the history of the project.

The street named after Zhumakhan Kuderin
Views: 739 | 23-06-2015 | The streets of southern capital

The street named after Zhumakhan Kuderin Many of us have heard about the street named after Zhumakhan Kuderin existing in the Southern Capital, but not everyone knows its exact location, as it is a continuation of Rozybakiev street from Raiymbek Avenue to Ryskulov Avenue and it has a length of only 1.5 km.

Kuderin Zhumakhan Mausumbayevich (1891(or 1893)-1938) is an educator, polymath, geographer, anthropologist and biologist.

Zhumakhan was born in Sredneayaguzskaya volost of Semirechye, in the family of bai (rich landowner).The clan of Kuderin was an ancient and respected one in Semirechye (Seven Rivers). Cooderi (kүder) is the name of area by the name of his grandfather Zhumakhan which means in Kazakh suede, soft leather.

The Results of the Fifth Poetical Contest
Views: 564 | 17-06-2015 | Alem support of young talents

The Results of the Fifth Poetical Contest For the fifth time Saby Foundation announces the results of the Annual Poetical Contest in the State language!

This year children from several regions of Kazakhstan decided to try their strength. The major part of applications was sent from Kyzylorda, Atyrau, Astana and Shymkent. The age of participants varies from 11 to 17 years old. The young poets wrote reverent lines about native land, nature and love in their verses.

So, the winner of the Annual Poetical Contest-2015 became the pupil of secondary school No 24 in Bekarystan village, Kazalinskiy district, Kyzylorda region, a 12-year-old Zhaulybay Nurbek.

We sincerely congratulate the winner and send him the prize- notebook! We wish Nurbek every success and further development in his creative work.

Courses of Advanced Mathematicians. Results of I year.
Views: 580 | 12-06-2015 | Alem support of young talents

Courses of Advanced Mathematicians. Results of I year. The first academic year on the courses of advanced mathematicians organized by Saby Foundation within the framework of Alem Program for 10 pupils of Almaty has completed.

The pupils who were chosen in the complex competition will have to study 5 years. But according to the results of this year we can state that our mentees have a good progress in Mathematics. Eight of them have certain 5 and only two of them got 4 in Mathematics.

We would like to distinguish the successes of the six-former, whom we named wonder kid. The fosterling of boarding school named after Nussipbayev, Alibayev Akezhan, easily solves mathematical problems for 8 forms, though he is the youngest in his group. The boy successfully passed testing to the Nazarbayev Intellectual School and became one of the first reservists. Insufficient high points in the Russian and English languages did not allow him to enter directly the Nazarbayev Intellectual School.

Teachers of the educational center, where lessons are held, are very pleased with mentees of Saby Foundation. The children involved in the process with great responsibility, they worked hard and almost never missed classes. Over the past eight months they built stable foundation for further mastering of favorite subject.

The Way to Win Grants Is Easier Jointly With Saby Foundation
Views: 516 | 09-06-2015 | Educational project

The Way to Win Grants Is Easier Jointly With Saby Foundation  Yay! The period of examinations for school leavers, who attended preparatory courses to CNT organized by our Foundation, has been completed. We waited for the results of testing together with them and now we are happy to notice that almost all our mentee school leavers got passing grade. It is gladly to realize that 8 months of preparatory work during which fosterlings of several Almaty childrens homes and boarding schools attended educational courses were not ineffective. Some school leavers have real chances to enter chosen universities on state grants.


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