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Alem is In Process
Views: 323 | 30-09-2015 | Alem support of young talents

Alem is In Process Alem Young Talents Support Program continues its realization by Saby Foundation. More than 110 young talented Kazakhstan citizens received corresponding support within the framework of this project. 36 boys and girls became the possessors of educational grants in the most prestigious universities of our country and foreign countries.

Seven Alem participants will already receive Diplomas of higher education in 2016. These participants during the whole period of education presented themselves well: it may be both highest marks and victories in different competitions. In addition, some students already try to acquire work experience in the chosen profession.

We follow our mentees successes attentively and we are happy that we raise true professionals for the country.

Saby Supports Bastau Film Festival
Views: 583 | 23-09-2015 | Alem support of young talents

Saby Supports Bastau Film Festival Saby Charitable Foundation within the framework of the "Alem" Young Talents Support Program became the general sponsor of the Fifth International Bastau Film Festival of Student Films and Cinema Schools (Beginning), which will be held from October 21, 2015 to October 25, 2015.

Based on the present festival the International Association of CILECT Cinema Schools was founded, thanks to which students from different countries exchange their experience, undergo trainings in America, Russia, Turkey and other countries, as well as win prizes of prestigious film festivals. The Higher courses of Film Directors are successfully held within the framework of created association.

The main purpose of Bastau festival is the development of general professional level of participants, cultural exchange between young filmmakers of Europe and Asia, support and development of their works, increase of the interest in filmmaking of different genres. The festival provides unique place to young filmmakers and scriptwriters for realization of their own projects.

The show of competitive works will last for three days: on October 21, 22 and 23 in the largest cinemas of Almaty city. About 50 mini movies will participate in the film festival.

Playground Built in Aktobe
Views: 355 | 16-09-2015 | Sport-Health-Achievement

Playground Built in Aktobe Construction of playground in Aktobe Regional Youth House within the framework of the Sport Project of Saby Foundation was completed.

This object became the second one in Aktobe and the thirty-second one in Kazakhstan! Thus, our Foundation makes its contribution to support health of the younger generation.

Multifunctional playground for volleyball, football, basketball with perimeter fence and lighting, injure safe rubbered cover, professional marking and equipment became the perfect present for fosterlings of the Youth House.

We expect new sport achievements and wins of our children!

Photos here.

The Street, Named After Shokan Ualikhanov
Views: 917 | 10-09-2015 | The streets of southern capital

The Street, Named After Shokan Ualikhanov The street, named after the Kazakh scholar, Shokan Ualikhanov,with the length of about 3.5 km, is in the Northwestern part of the city between Pushkin Street and Kunaev Street and runs from Rayimbek Avenue to Satpayev Street.

Shokan Chingisovich Ualikhanov (1835-1865), the great Kazakh orientalist, historian, ethnographer, geographer, folklorist, translator, journalist, and traveler was born in 1835 in the fortress Kushmurune near Kostanay.

The boys childhood passed in a family estate of his grandmother, Ayganym, in Syrymbet. His father was a Chingis, a Senior Sultan; his grandfather was Uali Khan; his great-grandfather was Abylai Khan.
At the age of twelve Ciocan entered the Siberian Cadet Corps in Omsk, which was the best educational institution in Siberia at the time. At the Cadet Corps, he studied with enthusiasmand in two or three years he caught up and surpassed their peers in knowledge.

In 1852, Shokan met the Orientalist, I.N.Berezin, and at his request, he wrote the article Khan's labels of Tokhtamysh. It was his first scientific paper. When Shokan was about 14-15, the teachers said that he would be a scientist.

New Mathematical Year Has Started
Views: 330 | 08-09-2015 | Alem support of young talents

New Mathematical Year Has Started Together with the beginning of the new school year the regular round of courses of advanced mathematicians has started, organized by Saby Foundation within the frameworks of Alem Program.

Our mentee completed the first one years stage with perfect results: three of them have successfully passed entrance examinations in the best schools of Almaty city: Gura Maxim entered RSPMBS (Republican Specialized Physical and Mathematical Boarding School) named after O. Zhautykov for talented children, Tolepbek Temirlan entered Gymnasium No 134 and Dautali Ayazhan entered Nazarbayev Intellectual School. One more schoolboy passed mathematical examination in Nazarbayev Intellectual School, but, unfortunately, insufficient points in English did not allow him to become the pupil of such prestigious school.

Our children showed excellent knowledge in educational competitions held in the educational center throughout the year. On that ground, it was decided to include three young mathematicians in the Academic Competition Team. Now they will be represented to participate in academic competitions in Mathematics and Physics.

Therefore, the year was completed and new mathematical year has started. We hope that it will become successful and interesting for children.


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